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Sunshine later on. We'll stay cool though. High of sixty five fifty three now. Newsradio WF LA something else. It could grind to a halt. Or the partial government shutdown rolls on bus service, in Polk County should roost connection. Executive director Tom Phillips says the agency gets half of its funding for the feds. And that's been cut off since the shutdown. Started our parents and fares are local tax revenue, and our state revenues that we received from the Florida Department of transportation and our cash reserves have us having the ability to operate transit service at one hundred percent through March twenty eight and after that data the shutdown roles on the agency could cut service asked local governments for more money. Take out a Bank loan or put everyone except drivers and mechanics on Perlas reports this morning. Tell us that American service members have been killed in a new suicide attack in Syria. Reuters reporting at least four US soldiers have been killed while conducting a routine patrol ISIS already claiming. Responsibility a sex club operating in a quiet, Brandon neighborhoods been shutdown neighbors complained to the Hillsborough sheriff's office about activity at a house on Huntington street deli news channel eight sometimes as many as fifteen twenty cards were there on any given night any Alvarez with the sheriff's office telling us our detectives received a complaint about the this location. And then they win inside infiltrated the location and observed people having sexual encounters while the business was actually operating as a bottle club as well. Everybody's arresting two men and two women. You can see more at NewsRadio.

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