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Sports flash. All right, J K Steph curry Mako down as the greatest three point shooter of all time. But on Saturday, he was no match for nets forward. Joe Harris who captured the three point challenge at the spectrum center in Charlotte winning these second contest of the night after posting a twenty six in the championship round Harris edge Curry's twenty four points kings guard buddy healed who was third. Finalist scored nineteen elsewhere thunder rookie Ahmadu Bello best data Dennis Smith junior in the slam dunk contest. And Boston's Jason Tatum nailed they half court shot to win the skills challenge. College basketball now is on Williamson RJ Barry combined for fifty five points to lead the second. Right. The blue devils to a ninety four seventy eight victory against NC state Saturday Cameron indoor stadium for their first victory against the wolf paxton's 2016 coach K's says he was very pleased with the effort. It's just that time where there's so much. You're playing. All these games all the travel for our guys to find ways to win. I'm proud of him and especially against St. state states are really good basketball team. Narrator in the fourth triple double in program history finishing with twenty three points, eleven rebounds and Tennessee's the last blue devils player accomplished the feat with Sheldon Williams back in January of two thousand six and number five Kentucky dominated number one. Tennessee from start to finish going onto an eighty six sixty nine win to move within a game of first place in the SEC standings. The Wildcats have now warning eleven of their past twelve games. The lawyer for former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick said Saturday that his client still wants to play in the NFL and predicted that the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots are likely to teams with interest Mark ghost. The attorney told CNN that he believes in the next few weeks. Somebody is going to step up and do the right thing. And in golf third round play was suspended by darkness at the Genesis open. Justice Thomas leads by one shot over Adam Scott, Tiger Woods was five hundred through seven holes. In the third before. The course was cleared is seven strokes. Back action is scheduled to resume this morning at nine forty five AM eastern. I'm Anthony Perrino. You.

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