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IOU was born into the Iowa tribe okay possibly in Saint Louis in the Missouri area area there sure when she was a teenager she married appear Dorian Junior. Okay peer was the son of the French Impersonator Personnel Sorry Interpreter Day. You know which one I want it to be. That's right. They bought gentleman. They bought it again had the French interpreter who traveled with Lewis and Clark on their expedition. peer senior was French creole rule starting to worry that he's not French way too big too small. They're me not fresh and then Tampa Pearson Yours French creole a descendant of the Acadians who we met in episode he traveled the Western Frontier and spent time with different native American tribes. He married a Sioux woman and they had children one of whom was peer junior so irving I should say the name Washington Irving wrote a lot of this okay so he wrote that father and son would sometimes drink eh together and then get in fights when they got older not when he's shirt now baby would not surprise me anyway. Peer Junior often won those fights okay okay if he can beat a man. That's cool yeah well. You don't have that addiction to alcohol that he has so you can just get a buzz whereas like remember this. Pierre Junior grew up married a woman from the tribe named Holy Rainbow Nice. I'll write that name came from the guy that saw the double rainbow holy cow die the guy's the Best Best Double Rainbow Guy and the best part I think is I believe one point. He thinks it might be a triple rainbow. Yeah that's right and there's a fleeting moment. There is a second thing it's always a triple rose more of double so then he then peer abandoned. Holy Rambo he was out okay she was out of his second wife married again Marie. She was about five feet five inches. She's tall kind and very patient. They had two sons Sean Baptiste and Paul Very French sure yeah pure was looking for work as a guide or interpreter his dad and impersonator or impersonate John Jacob Astor wanted to establish a fur trading post at the mouth of the Colombia River. Okay Astor had made a fortune from killing animals for their fur around the Great Lakes awesome. I put that part in but that's what it is. It's great yeah so he was just just doing like apocalypse of beavers. It's very cool now he wants to do the same thing on the coast of Oregon and hope to control the fur trade with Asia okay great right and then you can send animal skin over to another country fantastic. The expedition got job on was to identify locations for for or trading posts so astor created the Pacific for a company in June eighteen ten. He managed the business from New York and he sent two groups out. West one by see on the ship. Tonkin supplies and people to start trading and then another group were to go buy land and set up for for posts on the way and then they would meet at the place. The boat guys set up okay. I want the boat job for sure. People are guys Krill. They Long Ah one for trading post story about the expedition left Saint Louis and was led by Wilson Hunt who had zero zero experience traveling in the wilderness but his name's hunt or trading with native Americans gotTa know he it's just a it's a family thing yeah you wouldn't understand. You're an anthony. I know I know bloodhound. My name doesn't get him out there and he's just like he knows the wild six cents yeah. He's like a wolf boy yeah yeah yes. He just gets out there and all of a sudden so you don't need any experience or knowledge or anything. It might be my last name. Reynolds and nobody can deal with leftovers. It's better and I didn't know that when when someone was like Oh we're gonNA toss this quiche. I go you don't need to toss it and I put a bunch of foil around the the thing that it was in another that I put it in the fridge and then you know what happened two days later Miracle Day more the quiche wow. It's like the oil oil. Hannukah stories are bad. Well you got a lot of these appear was picked because he was good at business. I mean hunt was picked because he was good at business. Okay leading make sense okay. I was only twenty nine years old so this is the guy yeah. Young inexperienced has got a business mind. Get them here. Trees graduated from Dartmouth Perfect. Let him be the one who tells you how to build a shelter. so the main trading post at at the Missouri River was continually harassed by black feet so much so that the commander Mr Henry had had to abandon the post crossed the rocky mountains in order to set a new trading post along the Columbia River. Nobody knew what had become of him okay so he was working looking for that was sorry. That's the rival trading company whose to training camp okay so the first one is the Pacific for combat. That's the one they're going to set up right and he's his one is which one this this is this. Is Mr Henry Okay. Mr Henry has set up A. I think it's the British for company. It doesn't matter because they don't end up being around very much but it's a rival company sure and so this guy set up for it then the natives were like hey what if you're not here and he bails. Illinois three went okay so the worry it was that he'd been killed by native Americans share so Han arrives and Saint Louis. It'd be great if like in the pelts they just saw hunt skin. Oh dear Lord. I think we've found I'm just a face just trading him some guys some guys just go wearing and over show. I'll tell you this thing really keeps the warmth in. I don't know what's going on and then it's got this hood feature God. That's odd anti-aids. No I am aware but if you see we've cut this job oh so it's kind of like a Hoodie a little watch this her all through the businessman auto everything. I'm just kidding. Actually it's still under here. I like it. I'll take ten yeah unfortunately go God. What did I do. What do I do. It's me Larry Kidding. It's me again hey Larry. He's been dead for a week so so hunt rise and Saint Louis Henry Henry worked for the Missouri for a trading company. That's the rival Pacific trading for trading company Missouri Okay. They're above above killing animals sure that's great stuff right telling that's cool. You can just go out in nature and kills them and sell it. Well because it's yours yeah. It's not like it belongs to nature now. A new cause you found founded to kill it. No treated like shopping spree. Take everything leave a Husk. That's right so he is hunt is preparing an expedition and also another man for the Missouri for Trading Company is preparing an expedition Mr Manuel Lisa K okay. Mr Lisa and he's going to go look for Mr Henry. Okay that was very unusual for there to be two expeditions at the same time but you know the competitors competing and they're both going to set up trading posts yeah okay but in the same area I want one is going where Mr Henry Fleet and the other one is going there with the purpose so it caused caused a big demand for hunters and explorers who who worked at competing situation chef or higher paying advances quote the greatest difficulty was to find a Su- interpreter carpenter there was one man at Saint Louis a half breed named Pierre Dorian. Okay boy yeah peer had worked nicely. It's called the half afrita. I had to cut out a lot of shots fucking endless on the literature of the past ever tight Senate every time there's a quotas I get it get it again he had and what that means period worked for the Missouri for company the year before and it was a very good employees k. When sober sure okay so the fights with dad the rights they paid off sure but he liked to drink a lot and when he did his bad side came out. I I like that peer potentially a bad hire quote. Oh No it's bad. Pr Walters Faulk you quote while working working for the Missouri Company on the frontier he had been seized with a whiskey mania the and it's time to change the name blackout to whisk you blacked out at the wedding. I did a blackout whiskey mania. I mean that's what we should start new podcast whiskey mania drink whiskey sure God and since that'll be history time yeah oh God and since the beverage could only when we we rip off our own podcast well then we'd be ripping off drunk history right which is a great podcast for people parents to watch and and since the beverage could only be brought at the company store it had been charged to his account at the rate of ten dollars court okay so it's a company. Star whiskey he he likes to drink. He's been running up a tap so he's just running. He's drinking okay and Bucks a court. That's a lot his debt was not paid aid and this became a heated disagreement because he no longer works for the company. Just the mention of the dispute sent peer into a rage okay so he's as sensitive about his drinking problem essentially yeah that's what sounds like. Mr Lisa's threats over the whiskey debt drove peer to work for the rival Pacific fur trading company and Mr Hunt. It's interesting when your job decision making is based. Don Whiskey accent and whiskey debt and whiskey debt and the debt you deaf. He negotiated a very good deal. Mr Hunt three hundred dollars per year ear two hundred to be paid in advance. Okay Pierre now had a job as a guide and interpreter heading to the Pacific coast. It ran in the family as his dad added worked for Lewis and Clark. She said but just went hunts. Group was about to leave Saint Louis. Five American hunters arrived and alleged had been treated poorly by Astor's Chris Company. Okay they refused to travel with Mr Hunt and told all the others about the suffering and dangers they had faced on their expedition. This caused all the hunters who had signed on with hunt to panic. Okay I just I sniff some theatrics well then. He had to pay them all more. Okay okay so they all go but the first one just get down the river. y'All GonNa have to pass the cerebral what the Serapis Serapis yes. I'm sorry I three headed dark but it's got a riddle killer. Ask Riddles titles riddles yeah three hundred doug that is riddled. That's right. It's down by the river. Yeah what down by the river career and if you get past that you got to have sex with the fish man he's half man half fish but it's not in the okay where you'd picture to be like a Merman or somewhere. He's got like half of his bottom. It's like every four inches is scale or skin and it keeps alternating. It looks like Zebra straps until you get passed service with red. What about I gotta go. Fish men have sex Fishman Kibera. Does Fishman have a part or fish. Man has all the parts art. He's got fish and man parts. Okay so you figure out my adviser you know did you have sex with Fishman have had sex with fish man. not this one so there's other fish out there. I'm all regular traveler. I go through a lot of this. We never heard anything about this. Then went to get past Fishman. GotTa new spent a night in the drawer so we're just GONNA take off. We're not really buying the whole thing anymore like I think it is too far fifty dollars. Well Ain't tell me this. Where's the haunted drawer isn't in Wyoming. Where's the hunter it's in well comes out of the side of a mountain work outside of mountain and then what happens what's your next kiss and then you get it and then someone closes the door and then you're in the mountain yeah you spend that no. Why not stupid was with this guy? I don't think he's ready to lead. y'All okay so look. I'm a businessman and I know an bullshitters and I think you're full shit. I don't think there's a three headed dog. I don't think there's a guy with a Dick fish man. I definitely don't think this drawer a Harley drawer. Not just a drawer okay yeah. I miss you later. See you later clown face. There are right clamp aces and you have one Tano as Arcor. I'm regaining prom face so anyway that are you leaving. I just don't know what to do that. Okay well. I walk this way then. I'll see all later. China was over then I still here so I didn't even know I'll see so peer made a deal. He would get on the boat and he was the first guy to make a deal. If Mr Hunt agreed to let him take his wife Marie and their two kids okay who are like two five great perfect perfect age to pass away on a boat that's like she must around the house that the deal figured it out you can come with us have sex when I'm out hunting and I'm doing stuff when I'm traveling dangerous mountains in through horrible streams and find bears I wanNA fuck plus. My whiskey mania kicks in quote quote the evening after they left the expedition so all the other guys signed back on learned that a warrant had been issued against appear Dhahran for his whiskey. Edet risky is really chasing them and Mr Lisa intended to entrap the interpreter up river at Saint Charles so pure heard about the warranty on the way up on the on the boat and he he takes off..

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