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I love it. It's so good and then we get some friends and family to look it over and then like yeah, this is great. I love this. Thank you wash it really helped and then they put it out there and other people start reading it going. Yeah. This is a bunch of garbage. Then it hurts your self-esteem. You quit writing. It's a bad cycle. I think for me that's the advice I would give others is your writing isn't a golden honorific just sings to the angels. It's words on a page and if you keep a dog Mine and understand that you can change them then it's not as fearful to get that feedback from other people and I much prefer finding the people that were read my writings. Yeah, that's kind of boring or yeah, this word doesn't work for me or you know, hey, you really messed up on a lot of commas here. Whatever the feedback is. I'd rather get that from people. I know and trust that are trying to help me rather than just have people tell me. Yeah, this is great and everybody else thinks it sucks. Yeah, I think that's that's super super valid and I always go to that when I was finished with adventurers and I had beta readers and I knew one of them she actually told me on the version that is not in print anymore because I fixed it. She put the book down and finish it and I'm like, okay, that's that's horrifying to me like that. I have to fix so while it was hard to hear that I'm like this is going to make the book better off. And that's why we have to remember first drafts. Also who you choose as first readers is to really encourage them.

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