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Knowledge of. I thought i had deep deep brain pits but that dude and so we this this character mode doc which is so. He is such a ridiculously brilliant character. A super intelligent angry floating head. With little shrunken arms and legs and this little floating. Scooter that wants to rule the world you know and become emperor mode actually. How do you make a series about him from his point of view. The idea what i loved was the fact that he hates the marvel superhero. Spider-man captain america as much as he hates all the other villains because in his mind is should be. It should be me and then doctor doom and green goblin but he's like down at fifth and sixth place and it drives him crazy so he truly hates everyone and he's his own worst enemy and its community communicates. It's so fun to play. And it's at say we took what could have been very one note thing in jordan and his his writing and world building. We made a very deep kind of beautiful show about fatherhood and family and and Humility with every everything in the marvel toy box we wanted to use lettuce us including some x. Men stuff which i was shocked. They let us use. They're like yeah. You can go ahead. We'll won't so that was really exciting. I i don't know about you. But i can't believe how deep we are and how just how many levels in we are into comic book movie. Tv shows. I mean like you know you've got a couple years on me. But like i remember growing up. It was like an event when they made a flash tv show on. Yes there were so few and far between it and the the fact that you're talking about mode dock and we have like all these like these. Mcu tv shows coming and all these multi versus like now. That's the next thing. Seems like both dc and marvel are gonna just basically embraced the multi-diverse thing it's well it's also because there's a generation grew up on that stuff when it was very limited and it was being done by people that only saw this as a property will just make some money in that it. And they're like well. No there's a whole world here and you can use it to smuggle stories about you. Know racial inequality Trans or gay rights. economic inequality. You can use that as a way. Just like jorge romero us. Neither living dead to basically he made a movie about how the late sixties america was burning to the fucking ground is like no one wants to watch that on the smuggle this in a monster movie and that's happening now with superheroes was an especially especially with horror films the wave of horror movies coming up right now and these streaming platforms like arrow and shudder. That are giving these filmmakers. That can't get distribution the movies that are coming out of these platforms are insane are so good and so brilliant and are addressing all the stuff that's going on. Where are you at with star wars right now. Are you watching mandalorian. What was. I'm basically i'm in. I'm in mandalorian territory. Where i think that is the way for. Oh my god christ. Is this the way. Is that what you're saying. This is the way the stuff that they're doing with that show and the places that they're the gaps that they're filling in but without doing it. They're not they're not doing it with to quote a brilliant south park thing they're not using the member bury's model member this member this member. It's there for a specific emotional or logical reason rather than look at this. Look at this. I don't know if i don't win this episode drops. We probably shouldn't talk about episode one yet but some pretty big god damn yes seen happen in that which ho shit out spine. Yes that is worrying but also titillated. Maybe that's not what i think it is or maybe but like still the fact that they're doing what they're doing with it in such a brilliant is is it's fascinating what's the post mortem has one key to another on russell skywalker. What's be honest here. What happened pattern. This is just one geeks opinion. I loved the last jedi. I thought it was fucking brilliant and all the way on it. All these people fucking force awakens comes out and it was like. It's just the same. Damn thing ryan johnson comes along takes it in new directions. Which is what empire did never goes. What's all this shit. And then on the rise of the skywalker people. God bless them. They got spooked by the internet. They should have just gone a fuck. You guys we want. We want to keep going be. He opened up this whole new run. That thing at the kid just randomly moves broom. And you're like oh the force has no. It just goes anywhere. It still comes down to people's moral choices as to where to take that. Which is what the mandalorian is doing in a brilliant way with with baby. Yoda but he opened this door. And then you just. I mean again all these all these fucking angry nerds who by the way are also about fucking never apologize. And don't listen to all this goddamn p. c. s. j. w. shit yet. Well let's take this the next up. Just listen the internet period. Just fucking go. Do something created that you want to fucking do and then people no one knows what they fucking want. Do what you think is creative in risky and people will show the fuck up for it. Has your buddy jason reitman giving you a sneak. Peek at the new ghostbusters pattern. I am not going to say..

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