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Parents can sign up to get text, email updates information and advice about how they can create word rich environments in their homes because you know, at the end of the day, Brian again for someone like me who's been doing this for more than a decade. I don't think there's a more important data point that we could be looking at. For those of us who care about education. For there's there's no more important data point that we could be looking at them in third grade reading scores. And while Florida has made remarkable progress in public education outcomes over the last 20 years, We still have 43% of our third graders who cannot read at grade level. And why I think that data point is so important is when you look at the number of students who are coming into our K 12 system who are deemed quote not ready to be there. That number is at 42%. And then when you move out to 10th grade reading proficiency for most counties in Florida, you're still sitting Somewhere close to 40% of 10th graders who aren't reading at grade level. So there really is this very straight line that you can draw from whether another child is ready for kindergarten, whether he or she is going to be reading a proficiency by third grade. And ultimately, whether or not they're gonna be reading a great level by 10th grade. So for for our Legislature to look at third grade reading and to acknowledge that this is a challenge that we have to overcome in Florida on, we need to take a multi pronged appropriate approach to it. I think is is really In my time in this space, probably one of the most encouraging policy steps that I have seen. Well in my research mirrors what you're articulating about proficiency with literacy by the third grade, And so I bought you for also looking at, you know the information through an empirical lenses Well, along with what you're proposing here. One other item I'm watching in the state session is expanded school choice. I don't think it's a coincidence that as we have seen expanded school choice in Florida over the past real 15 or so years we've seen Significant improvement and education outcomes statewide, specifically in south border but also with previously underserved communities. Your thoughts Absolutely. The Senate has come up with a school school choice package They are. Our chamber has not yet ruled out a comprehensive package so I can't really speak to the substance of the impact of the of the state of the Senate bill, but Well, I think your point is is it is extremely important because I think there's a lot of misinformation in Florida about what the role of school choice has played. I mean, if you look at Florida of the last 20 years We have We have gone from the bottom quintile and student outcomes to the took to the top on Do you know to me as somebody who again was dedicated his professional life to educational equity. There's no more important data point that we should be looking at in public education policy than student outcomes. Amen. And right. I'll look we're gonna have to. We have to hold it there. We're up against the clock, but I appreciate it and we'll talk again. Continue the good work that strippers in it. Cancer. Lupus skin, the CEO of the Children's Movement of Foreign State Representative for District 1, 15 on Baloo pus and at Child Movement, FL on Twitter, and that would be right back to Brian Mud Show news. Ready to.

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