Spring Hill, Florida, President Trump discussed on Kilmeade & Friends with Brian Kilmeade


And noble over two villages danny's let's see a ninety nine point nine w xj j b in spring hill's florida he danny thrive brian how're you doing great within you mine yeah i just wanted to arab uh make a point um you know everybody on the left and everybody on the white wants this saw muller investigation it'd be over with obviously for different reasons but they won't they wanna see out of light at the end of the tunnel so if the president has the power to actually fired a special investigator doesn't he surely have the power to publicly come out and say okay investigate for another six months uh eight months put a time limit on it and say at that point if there's nothing your done what might make a lot of people happy a lot of money but here's the problem it's not in it's not in the uh the mandy there was put out there to give dorado mower there there is no bleach out there are no budget constraints and there's no time line school go on forever what a few other if you're a person that can also some body say all ido but i mean and it means going back in there and the same outrage people have on the prospect of the president firing muller are the same outrage people have of the present said he got a few more months i thought i'm with you because i would love to see danny i would love to see him be president without this whole hanging over his head it didn't help them become president there was no collusion here with the russians to have him win almost every democrat now agrees with that now the talking about a structure of justice about an investigation for something it didn't happen and they're trying to catch people in perjury or lying to the fbi now we're looking at these people must people's motives and beliefs who are doing the investigating sister becoming a huge mess and maybe the whole reason is attorney general jeff sessions didn't do the right thing when he was not smart enough to go through his own schedule and see where he might have a conflict then when he realize he added conflict and he didn't tell them about it he should have said i can't take this job i'm gonna go back to be in the.

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