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The voice of Lana. Condor. Sub staring at how beautiful your skin is. Oh, thank you. Water water water water while. Yeah, is an interview about a blockbuster film. I. Scape? Okay. Let's start up being shallow as possible. Fashion week in New York. And this is Llamas I fashion week. And so the the internet is a buzz about her bangs the way they were fake. That backup you you. You can do fake bang. He can do color. Yeah. Can I do like a Fallas cover? It thing. Okay. Now that were skin is clear. I'm sorry. But when to all the boys. Before came out. I mean it resonated heavily with our audience. And for for good reason. It was just it was fantastic film. But now. Alita battle angel is out this Thursday. Yes. And it's amazing. It is truly the most epic movie. I've seen in a very long time. It has changed like the CGI the special effects all the action sequences, it's phenomenal. It's going to put a lot of blockbusters to shame. I gotta say it's really really cool ones in particular. On how many films have you been in major release films? I'm sure I guess like six or seven out of all of them. This is on assuming this is the biggest the biggest budget film you've been in. I mean, I've heard this is like they spent a lot of money on this film. I I'm not I don't know. Exactly. How much money they spent on it. But I did X men a longtime ago that that. Yeah. But I know that like, oh, wow. Elitists so good, and like who the special effects, it's truly like the only thing I think that rivals to it is is avatar naturally because it's James Cameron. Right. So it's the each other's babies. But it's so good James Cameron wanted to do a alita battle angel for like ten years. Yeah. And he kept having to put it on the back burner because other things to do. But he he didn't wanna do it until he could fully commit to it. And so James Cameron with a checking account worth billions of dollars wrote big checks. And of course, Lana Condor is a part of it. Like, I said it's out this Thursday that you say, it's a great digital effects. Yeah. But as an actress, you don't you don't really know. They're there when you're acting do you? I mean, they say okay behind you. There's going to be an explosion pretend. There's explosion, right? Yeah. You just you just do your job, and you. Act and he just pretend. But yeah. On this specific film? There's a lot of mo- cap and a lot of weta work Mokaba. It's basically alita she will wear all gray with dots. All black dots. All over her face. And then they digitalize it in post with what? Which is the company that does it. Yeah. This is so beyond anything. Yeah. It's so crazy and then like figuring Cardi B, right? Right. It's it's such a amazing technical experience as well shooting alita because like alita would Rosa Salazar. She had like a camera in front of her face. So when you act with her you can't you can see your eyes, but the rest of our faces covered because there's a like an individual almost like a like a very high tech gopro like right in front of her face. Look at an actor. Let's say Lana. They heavy. Okay. You're in a rowboat and central park. So you know, what around you bird flying their kids playing in your rowing, a boat, you're there, but as an so it's easy to kind of figure out where you are in the scene..

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