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Glenn has excited to tell barbara of his dual personality teller of the mighty negligee the sweaters and skirt the robes and dress my awaken the make them all at goes to make glenn and glenn tells bribery and peter of the knowledge that he is his fiancee good all the fi he tells irs saw a hurriedly and slow more is hands mccurry lover and gortat with so long so desperately wanted to put on his own body you talk to bob burns to bob burns snow knob wow bob's around he was on our show when he was a friend of ads oh oh koo koo who connect you guys all graveyard him cuts in i think bright of the monster was originally going to be called bright of the item that's right right and and h also got the great toward johnson yes towards johnson is also in plan nine and is also in a beast of yucca flat oh yeah which was made by i think the filmmaker that we really discovered on mystery science here which is komen francis who believe me if you think ed wood is the worst ruth tacoma francis you know who's the guy that made the creeping terror because that's that all that guy that i forget his name but you know what the this this way we might have an answer on this might be the first time paul came up with some you wanna drummer answer raw ready in trouble so peter ford may be who you're talking to your ford would be elnour powell son were yet and i i'm not sure which movie though it's be beast i think is in that tie all proud in the damned the al fayed is the hunter now cades county now punch and jodi now rinse that's not the little prayed smell about that a phil but they have it i thought i had it.

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