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Lukic back to find the bomb. I recently because I just love that Christopher Nolan told Tom that he's playing the same character. Yes, in different Nolan joints. And that's just bullshit. But you know, got you through right. The through line for your performance? Yes. Was the UC's stage always covered with flies? No, I resist noticing got out here. I think it might be my Taylor swift box. Sputter flies. They might be coming out of this pot to really you brought a box of life. Is one of your. Age is covered. Flies everywhere. It feels like a movie were real bad. Disastrous about. Noted sly, they noticed. But anyway, that's Tom Lennon. Everybody that we speaking to. I was out of Dunkirk probably. And also joining us on the stage, but refusing to take a seat someday soon some day, but not a not a need, Tom, it's other seat. It's Kurt brought. Hello. Store of last summer, smash, the big sick, and then here's, here's, here's what I wrote after that. Yeah. What's next. You want to know what's next do. Okay. We'll after the big lady dynamite and now going to be doing a show Showtime show called black Monday with Don Cheadle. You've already shot that start shooting in October. Oh, shit. What were you out of town shooting wasn't that was the Seth Rogan, Charlie stare and movie. It's called floor ski now, but it's not going to be called flower ski in the future and that way out. So I called ski now or floor ski in the future. Okay. So. Please tell them. I said, hi, please tell them. I said, hi, what's going on? Tell them. I said, Hello. Literally, I was reading sets Rogan today, tweeting about how pineapple express was never was never a name of a strain of weed. They made the movie. They made it up. Yeah. And now it's, you know, you can get express everywhere. I take the tweet was basically bragging. Also, have you created a universally bought? We'd wouldn't you brag the great if I did that too bad. I'm not known for that. Too bad smoking weed isn't really my thing. But yeah, I get it carefully some of the reach out and say that their neighborhood drug dealer calls their strain Benson, or they named dog dunk. No relation. Those are is. Pretty common, but let's okay. So we gotta talk prize bag with everybody, but just so we get Kurt into his see, I'd like to start with what what did you bring? So this is a lot of stuff. Clearly I off this was all of this stuff. I had forgotten my prize bag, and then I just did a podcast right before coming here. Jona radio, a very great pie. Right now, and I won on that show. And so here's what I have to give. This is on top of first off. You've got a signed headshot of young Howard Kremer. Hair. Okay. He's such little little crinkled. Yeah, it's great jerking up. This is. It does look like. Actual. Also. This is not. Hand like a hot vampire boy risk because he is crinkle. Please hurry. Okay. This is this is like opposite of having your bags. Have your shit bag at the coach. So this is to tapes, which is the complete Andrew dice clay the day. The laughter died one and two. Hardiness. Los Lobos the best band in east LA collection again, tape, you have a tape player for this yet. Then DVD complete episodes of first and ten HBO's first scripted show that features on a lot of nudity ballers with yet ballers tits. Then of course, it's on ballers there are, but not nearly enough to get me a sit through ball. The fucking ballers from the title I wanna see. Bye. Elida like this at all, a keep it dry, curt Brown, alert talents towel that has my face on it, and I've used it twice at the gym. So it smells a lot like me. And then did you like turn it around the gym, or were you clearly just toweling off with your face? I purposely fold it like, yeah, yeah, Kurt. I don't wanna be a dick. Yeah, but I've started a feel like some of the things you brought are just to get the fingerprints of other people on them. In the in the event in the event that the DA won't shut up. And he's like, well, had the dice I had the video..

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