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Rei Breadth Vegas say. I mother Licey was a little Lewis dumpy category bitch appear bitch. and. I kinda crossing. Badeah. Boy Super Good Fortune well. It was a terrible story would have ended up with him but he was. Always dropping down a straight and store a door a magnificent red stompie doke. An awesome idea bad him and her husband had died and unexpected lands. She had this dog that was just white too much for town and. He wouldn't stand the out and. He. Was a horrible handful for US I. took him. Harmon who was a great dog May. And to let everyone know home for you is a little bit different than most other people. Yes I only in central Queensland cy he decided to. Come home and be intrinsically facility was able to work Catalan. Have the law famous designed to which is you know more? He was on fulfilled in in Tan he just wasn't a loss for him. Roughly how old? When you him? How old was Bundy said, that was on. Offer. Sorry Yep say he was on Maybe. Five or six when I got in. So He. He was probably Dog that wasn't. Going to be much longer for this world, when are just are just at the dog and pulled up to say. What an what an amazing looking dog as Doug Day. was. Significant and she On Hannity. Not, usually, as you do. Use the day. Yes. She's she's Just, a lovely lady was United Left with adult that and had made Tannen. Team is the wrong dope for that situation but. That's how it goes on and bread. Working drinks together and girl litter of little boy POPs. In Vegas was one of them. And it fergus sort of stand out in the in the Lido. Horrible joke wrought from the guy. He was I mean. It was growly and he was. He was on friendly more dogs are any dogs are braid socialized really like he go for Oldest Dante Nass I there I'm. Pat Poppy socializes, for very, long time. And my oldest daughter was really young men. Choose any I. didn't months older think..

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