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Made excellent points on impeachment Hey what's not being talked about a memo from the United States Senate dated may fourth twenty eighteen to Mr Yuri Lutsenko the general prosecutor. in the office of the prosecutor general of Ukraine dear Mr prosecutor general we are writing to express great concern about reports that your office has taken steps to impede cooperation with the investigation of United States special counsel Robert Muller as strong advocates for real besting Carlos relationship with Rick Ukraine we believe that our cooperation should extend to such a legal matters regardless of politics. we respectfully request that you reply to this letter answering the following questions. has your office taken any steps to restrict Whopper ation with the investigation by special counsel Robert Muller if so why. any individual from the trump administration or anyone acting on its behalf encourage Ukrainian government or law enforcement officials not to cooperate with the investigation by special counsel Robert Muller and three was the molar probe raised in any way during discussions between your government in U. S. officials including around the meeting of presidents trump in poorer sienko in New York in twenty seventeen sincerely Robert Melendez. Richard J. Durbin Patrick Leahy United States. senators. in other words. they were asking the Ukrainian government. to investigate Donald Trump. they were asking for cooperation in an ongoing investigation in this suppose it corruption by the trump administration. in what way is that at all different. from what trump was asking in that July twenty fifth phone call. I'll hang up and listen in the meantime let's go out to the phones and talk to Dustin on the Dan o'donnell show what's going on Dustin good morning follow up doing good I just hated the all listed in everything and especially that guy still a pocket of all all is in this word being investigated the guy is you're all sitting there talking about how trump should be investigated for this then totally disregarding. all everything else of all all Biden Biden has an obvious. audio recorded call call. and trump has then you could stretch it out in the maybe a Procol depending on how you think sure ed just don't understand it it is the Barker theists well here's the thing Dustin I think you went online. both would agree Hey yeah sure this thing does deserve a little bit more scrutiny the question of whether president trump was actually putting pressure on the Ukrainian president as a condition of receiving foreign aid by the way has anybody raise the question about how much richer the United States would be if we weren't giving four hundred million dollars to countries like the Ukraine I I mean I've got nothing against Ukraine my sister in law in fact is ucrania. and I love her very dearly but you don't look for four hundred million dollars actually I take that back if all of that money was going to my sister in law Ruslan up that would be the only way I would support four hundred million offers to the Ukraine it's it's it's it's insane about hearing all this to hold my gosh and how dare truck have a condition what the United States is just supposed to give money without any without getting anything in return we're just both to blindly hand over money this is okay with Dustin do you have kids yeah but I got had one full year. I I mean I've not that you have young kids don congratulations on on your ten month old a I'm sure they're very beautiful but when they grow up you're gonna give them an allowance right you're gonna give him money you're gonna give even if it's not allowed even if it's not specifically conditioned upon them doing chores you're gonna give him money for lunch you're gonna give him money for toys you're going to take him to the zoo and all this stuff right I already do all right you do once they get old enough to start folding their laundry in making their beds that's going to be a condition of them continuing to ride the gravy train of Daddy Dustin giving money and taking them to theme parks and all that sort of stuff right yeah how the hell is it any different than the United States saying you don't we're giving you four hundred million Bucks can can you do us a solid here if there's no explicit quid pro quo and there was nothing thank you very much Dustin and out. I'd love to see a picture of your beautiful family I dived I'm teasing that I've checked out I wanted I wanted his kids to be older so I could use them as an example. that. this is how these agreements are done this is the way fifty international cooperation and treaties and all of this that both sides get something that they want. and the transcript was released and and this is to me this is the extent of the investigation okay we look at the transcript we talk to the president of Ukraine whether there was any sort of pressure there was any sort of explicit you will investigate Joe Biden for political reasons or else. you can see in probably twenty minutes I would urge you to read the whistle blower complaint read the transcript of the call. and then make up your own mind. the greatest danger that we have in all of this is that. we just have millions of people who rely on a media that can't be relied upon to give the entire story I opened up the show with a. montage of how the media was actually treating this how the media was actually just glossing over the fact that the favorite that trump was asking for this phone call wasn't investigate Joe Biden it was let's work together our two countries you cried in the United States to root out corruption. both you and I presidents Lansky were elected to do this now let's work hand in hand in doing this but the media in relaying this information for the millions of people who didn't take the time to read the transcript for the millions of people are just relying on the media to give them the whole story. the media did the president repeatedly stresses how much the U. S. does for Ukraine and then he says quote I would like you to do us a favor the president asks Zelinsky to dig up dirt on Biden and his son hunter. hello I'm good interrupt just a second there are five hundred forty words in between those but the implication from CNN is that the favor was dig up dirt on mine. you never said Dr. he said looking for a leader of a foreign country to work with his personal attorney Rudy guiliani and is a G. William Barr to investigate the bidens he said will you do me a favor and investigate vice president Biden's son we do me a favor and get involved in the twenty twenty election vice president Biden is my chief political opponent you can always rely on Katy tur to give the most ridiculous possible spin on any given story great email here from Linda says president trump bass the Ukraine president to look into the matter with biting he didn't say dig up dirt the dictionary meaning of look into is given below. if a person or organization is looking into a possible course of action problem or situation they are finding out about it and examining the facts relating to it. trump is asking for fact finding the Ukraine president could find that Biden did nothing wrong just as much as he could have found that corruption did in fact occur. that is a fantastic email by Linda the new ones have that. is important here he didn't say. investigate Biden. figure out what he did said look into despite is bragging about a quid pro quo that sounds pretty darned corrupt to me..

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