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A story southwest general. And what a what a pleasure and no losses incredible to his employees. Incredible support across the way. Yeah. Never lost money that heads. They put on an oil on oil prices. Let me ask question more. Herb Kelleher, squirrel because because. Guys like that are unique. Everybody can't be a superstar. Fund industry would have you believe they're all superstars. I find it flamboyance with numbers. Equals higher price. Journeys? And here's a great, man. And we used to watch for and have fewer handlers. David people handlers who shouldn't have. Well, they got the general counsel reverberating in their head all the time. Well, that's just why don't they just they're part of the two percent economy. Yeah. He was quite an original. Herb Kelleher wasn't original. No question about it. And yeah, he didn't let all the normal corporate trappings about lawyers and PR departments get into way. He just got out there and said what he was thinking eighty seven years of age. Survived by his spouse. Joan who he married in nineteen fifty five so yeah, he was a lawyer. He went to NYU law school. But he was he didn't act like one. He was unique. And what they talked about oil prices southwest did something I you go. Why why wasn't anybody else thinking about it? He was like the first one to hedge oil prices when oil prices went up some some quarters. He made money on a higher oil prices didn't hurt him at all. So herb Kelleher is going to be missed as a truly unoriginal that started Southwest Airlines and built it into what it is today nother on my obits page earlier this week. Blake nordstrom. Of the Nordstrom family who along with his two brothers ran the Nordstrom department store chain he passed away Wednesday morning. Of cancer fifty eight years of age. So the three brothers now to Eric and Peter are running the company but fifty eight years of age, and I grew up in Seattle. That's where Norstrom started. That's where the Nordstrom brothers. Also grew up. I knew the family. The boys were a little younger than me. The father was much older. Grandfather was the one who who started that company that it was Nordstrom shoes. That's what they were. They were shoe store and the father, and then these three boys built Nordstrom into what you know of today, which is very successful luxury point, but moderate pricing. For luxury items in in that whole retail environment. And then one more which is a young woman who when I was at FOX business. I would have her on my show or when I would sit in for Lou Dobbs one of those shows brief Payton. Embry passed away. In between Christmas and new years. Twenty six years old. She was a conservative writer and commentator for the federalist and for a twenty six year old woman. She was extremely poised very smart. And she died after a sudden illness and what she what happened. Was the reporting is is that she got the flu. She got the flu. And the flu apparently has surged recently, and I think it's simply because of the holidays and a lot of people been out and shopping and going to functions and parties, and I don't know how you spread the flu. I saw a report earlier today that said you gotta stay ten feet away from people because if somebody coughs or sneezes the flu virus can travel ten feet. So if you see some body within ten feet of you step away Steph away, but Bree. Shocker. She's twenty. She was twenty six. A rising star smarter. So whip lovely young lady and. Out of this flu virus, she apparently also was affected with meningitis. And I I don't know how that works are than it is you don't want meningitis so swine flu and meningitis and within a couple of days. She passed away. So. God bless all these people. They all were unique in, but it was just been a been a bunch of them lately with these. With herb Kelleher rounding the list today. They're all everybody. We're all unique. But these were. Fascinating people that were all very successful in their own, right? All right. When we come back. I want to tell you the story. That was Jonestown the Jonestown massacre. From nineteen seventy eight. The killing of congressman Leo Ryan. His one of his staffers young woman by the name of Jackie speier. She was twenty eight at the time. Gunned down on this airstrip in the middle of a jungle in Diana. The same weekend was thanksgiving weekend in nineteen seventy eight. For people that were in San Francisco in that area. Which is where Leo Ryan represented, the San Francisco peninsula. George Mosconi was the who was well connected to James Jones of Jonestown. He he had political connections with him guy was a nut. But the same weekend George Mosconi was gunned down in city hall along with Harvey milk. Who was the time was very unique to I really well known. Outed gay man that became elected politician. By guy named Dan white who was a fellow member of the board of supervisors in San Francisco. So it's it's it's an amazing story. And I want to set it up, and then we'll talk to to Jackie speier about her experience. Out there in she got a new book out about it. We'll talk about this. When we come back. Stick around. Enjoy.

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