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In adulthood compared to nondrinkers alad says more research is needed Bill Rakoff CBS news. West Nile virus has killed two people in the wheezy Anna. This year and sick and dozens more WWL Dave Cohen has the details on. The brain swelling. Disease spread, by mosquitos Fifty, three reported cases of West Nile virus in Louisiana leading all other states and particularly concerning is that thirty. One of those are the neuro invasive more serious, form of the disease I eat that. Can kill about ten percent of the. People that have stayed Dr, Rahul retard, says those who, survive may never fully recover. A know one out of ten we love the, pelvic disability everyone's advised to protect against mosquito bites Dave Cohen for CBS news New. Orleans cannon eye exam lead to, an Alzheimer's diagnosis. New research says possibly ophthalmologists involved in the study. Say they used standard equipment found in most doctors offices despite thinning of patients. Retinas something that's been found in autopsies have Alzheimer's patients, the study's co. Principal investigator says it enlarged area devoid of blood vessels was common in all. Patients suggesting they could develop dementia. The downside is that the study group was relatively small just thirty patients there. Was no follow up to learn whether they did indeed develop the disease, what expert calls the research fascinating but with caution study. Is published in the journal of the American Medical Association ophthalmology Peter King CBS news general mills had. Been advertising its nature valley, granola bars, has one hundred, percent natural but the company. Is now agreed to stop saying that it's part, of a lawsuit several at three consumer groups claiming that the bars contain small amounts. Of the pesticide commonly notice round, up they said. The oats in granola bars were the most likely. Source of that chemical the amount is well below the e. p. a.'s maximum. But they felt the label was deceptive general mills says, it's quote confident. In the accuracy of its label but the company wanted to avoid a long. Court fight and that's a look. At the weekend health I'm Fred Bodmer what does your morning sound like baby. She's finally asleep.

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