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Go toward the weekend. The temperatures are gonna warm back up Friday. Plenty of sunshine with temperatures near 60. It is mostly sunny 48 degrees at DFW Airport. This news brought to you by the dental implant place. President Joe Biden, assigned more executive orders, tackling climate issues and also wiping out former President Donald Trump's moves regarding the same issue. The president spoke ahead of signing those orders when the previous administration reversed the Obama Biden vehicle standard. Kick big oil companies over American workers. The Biden Harris administration will not only bring those standards back will set new, ambitious ones that are workers are ready to meet. Among the orders include establishing climate change is the national security priority. Faculty Senator TCU is retracting its resolution to have Congressman Roger Williams remove from the university's board of trustee. The resolution states that by objecting do electoral college votes in the presidential election, the congressman subjected the school to ridicule, Congressman Williams says it sounds to him like the faculty Senate isn't able to accept the difference in opinion if you don't Be with them. They want retaliation, according to the faculty Senate chair. He retracted the resolution after learning the board is considering disallowing elected officials from serving on the board at all, He says That measure will be voted on in April. Clayton Nevil, WB AP News Dallas Police have arrested three suspects related to the assault and robbery of an off duty Arlington Police officer Lieutenant Chris Cook with Arlington PD. Says Three of the four teens were taken into custody hours after the incident at a quick trip in Arlington Officer just got off work in seven stops on the Q T at Collins and division Very busy roadway also was daylight out. He pulls up to gas pump, he noticed a white or door passenger sedan. Police found the Arlington officers police identification in the back of the car, and it was determined to be stolen because of the ages of the suspects. Details and pictures were not released. Police say the officer is expected to be okay. Texas business closing numbers on Wall Street that out down 634 points to settle it. 30,303 NASDAQ Down 355 the SNP 500 off by 99 again the low Tonight 26. It is 48 degrees. His news also brought to you by the law offices of nickname. If The WB AP News and ask America Bushman Your Next update at 4 30 24 7 coverage w baby dot com This'll is the news and talk of Texas. It's D FW's Court of public opinion with Rick Roberts. There's got to be a.

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