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All right next we have ave again it is the second form it is an abbreviation for avenue i am familiar with this because i grew up on an avenue elmwood avenue yes next we have a villain of ellen a. v. e. the l. a. n. is this something that you're this i guess a villain it's an adjective from sixteen ten of a heraldic cross so that's the that's the category we're talking about here having the forearms shaped like conventional is d- filbert's and then it says to see the cross illustration so there's a bunch of different kinds of crosses and we'll see what they look like at a later date of ellen this is from uh-huh feminine of l. bellona's i don't think of a bella ancient town in italy that's where it's from and i think we'll do one more for this episode it is ave maria we've already spoken about her a little bit or that phrase capital a. capital m. it is a noun from the thirteenth century and the synonym as hail mary the first definition of hail mary i oh yeah i feel like i have so much to learn because i don't know anything about the song or religion that's just where i'm coming at this from do you no no no i don't i don't i'm glad i'm not alone they sing it in latin yeah but soon in your next episode you're going to get to eighties which is about birds things like that yeah yeah all of will come up soon that will be interesting because i'm sure there yeah i love i love birds just yes yeah we're definitely coming close to that we just finished the auto prefix the UT oh so there were there was a whole pages worth four episodes maybe of auto words and we finally finished that so that was the whole we went down i didn't tell you this but you now have to pick a word of the episode so of the ones that we read and there were a bunch of them what's your favorite oh my gosh just let's see i'm gonna have to pick up worrisome one 'cause i'll gas just i think ave maria now up the the one that was song that we here yeah really in latin or am i making that up yeah there's probably both english and latin but yeah i want to know what they what the lyrics are so that's that's it thank you for joining me janet thank you for joining me audience thank you for joining us and listening to us babylon about some words thank you spencer's amazing at how oh you do interesting things in the world i have no idea what i'm doing i'm flying by the seat of my pants but i'm having a good time count yes all right thank you and until next time this is spencer and janet reading the dictionary goodbye.

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