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Right. They close out the season against China. They got a game against the Redskins but obviously the game of the year for them at least at this point is December. Twenty second against the Dallas Cowboys Assuming the eagles win tonight. They're tied with Dallas at six and seven Dallas got the rams of course the eagles and the Redskins to close out the season. How do you what are they telling you about how they see? This panning out. And how do you take it pans out based on what you all I know. Is that Stephen. A SMITH BLACK BLACK HAT ready after that game against the cowboys. Get it ready because you can you. You're going to need it. 'cause you're going to be wearing at what the big cigar you're telling you right away San Sal Paolantonio that the eagles are going to beat the Dallas Cowboys December twenty. I do think that they will beat the Dallas in Dallas. You know I think the Dallas cowboys have a tough job this weekend against the rams rams have got it back together but tell me why should anybody believe in the eagles at this particular point. Well you know they've they've been in situations like this before when their backs are against the wall want want to his never played well at the Lincoln especially of late three the giants. Just have you know a a difficult all time doing a lot of different things on the football field. They can't block for the pastor. It can't rush the passer. They can't cover Their suspect tackling football all team. They have one playmaker and Saquon Barkley. So you know. The Eagles are justifiably double digit favorites in this football game at home in the rain and they should be able to take care of business would use it saquon now see I think the big to me to me Stephen. A the biggest biggest and toughest challenge of this four-game stretches next weekend in Washington. I think the Washington redskins are the toughest out for the Eagles going in this four game stretch because real quick because why because they always have a tough time playing down there want to the redskins supplant. What house money fast and loose? And it's always talk to go down there and play and beat them always even when they won the Super Bowl Eagles at a hard time playing down there and win it before I let you go. Should the giants be still playing saquon. Barkley at this point no definitely not and here's an interesting thing. The giants pick number two overall in the twenty twenty drought right. Yep and do have Pat Shurmur. They've Goeman earned. ooh The right to make that pick or to trade. That I pick for Plethora picks to rebuild the roster they earned the right to make those pits with those make those selections but they do get a trade out. Let me answer it this way to ask you a question before you go. I would say get them in his earned the right to take because Saquon Barkley clearly not a bad pick but I do believe that he needs to get rid of Pat Shurmur sooner than later I think he needs to go and I think everybody nobody knows that. And it's a foregone conclusion that this is going to be them. To Shurmur. Doesn't need is part of the problem. I'll just I'll just throw this little question at any point the future that you like everybody in the NFL knows the giants. Don't need a quarterback it's GonNa be very hard for the giants to trade at at Chritine. That wants a quarterback uh-huh Gotcha Sal paolantonio. I'll be watching tonight buddy. I know you'll be there. Thanks so much more man you take it.

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