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To greater portland's new fm one hundred point five w l o b now back to information please like yet known on congress do have now tentative i was gonna say can't at night to be assisted to defend that's not know that light good yes tom cannot be assessed at your can't we be front that would why would you accept that the assistance emmer yet let me right doc goodman as a as a popular unpopular consent and fourth and last cynic a slang phrase that would give us the popular conception of what a cynic is myskina says you says you would be good so walk as a soccer ball on every minute any of you remember that we must up in addition of a cynic from oscar while this a amac button nice mr edmond senators one who our free price of everything in the value of north america that's quite correct houses oscar wilde too all right that's four out of four we can't get them down hasn't often the money so far the next question comes from the city from his newlook google deals with crime crimes what crime was committed by each of the following literary characters and when asked me get five hundred five on this the first is danny deeper what crime denny deavere commit miskine adahan appart who shot a comrade sleeping ira good very good from a what part from betty diva by keeping very good myskina thank to clyde grid lied griffith mr speaker ryan grim the murder a girl up in new york state from what the book is it well an american tragedy ah by billboard rice willing to get that out of mr adams on you're so coy missed you really know the thing three captain blood captain blood captain blunt like the chance on that and skin i know the book but i don't know what crime he did you read the book but don't know what no i didn't read the book could i the owner oh you about has a lovely caverns by sabatini that all delightful but it will not answer the question i'm sorry on now retiring humiliation ibew all right to any of the rest of you were like two guests batman lump stabbed demand and a do not a bit of it not a bit selfconfidence missed a cure and how illfounded now the answer is piracy.

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