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Former vice president, Joe Biden topping the latest polls. He held a rally today in Philadelphia politics today. Traffic's division our president is the divider and chief. Wieden said he'll go after President Trump, he refuses to criticize any of his fellow Democrats. Senator Bernie Sanders. Meantime, looking for votes today in South Carolina. He talked about education, United States of America used to be number one in terms of the percentage of young, Americans with college degrees today. He says, now, we're number eleven this is Fox News. This news is brought to you by hedge. Cox dental Verdicchio K o b j I'm Robert Wood Tom being Austin's news. The political action committee that didn't want you to have the final say, on code next violated, Austin's campaign finance law. Local attorney, Fred Lewis took, the no on prop j packed tasks during a recent city ethics review commission meeting about the Pank failing to report in a timely manner. The ten thousand dollar donation, given to them by the real estate council of Austin, the no-one, one project campaign talked a lot about dark money about us, there was no money on our side in there. They were not disclosing their largest contributor during the five days early voting. Luis says it should have been interesting to voters that a pack screaming dark money about project wasn't living up to their own ideals. John Cooley, NewsRadio, kale BJ, we've all done it, waited in line to renew a driver license respectively here. Listen and our no in and out. For most cases, people got to carry on in life, and lawmakers have heard that criticism, they are working on legislation that would transfer driver license operations to the department of transportation and would increase driver license. Terms from six years to eight years changes made in the Senate to the school funding Bill has some superintendents thing their district will lose millions,.

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