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My first my first question and this is. What is the biggest thing holding back Americans from getting into soccer. So Ozzy I think soccer is about six in the. Epilogue at the laws of sports like American football, basketball, baseball, I guess hockey and then it might missing one, I don't know, and then like soccer. Right. Okay. So some some theories, okay. Bounce off you. So. All right. The big to fulfill baseball. Big, three, football, baseball, and all right. Sorry. All new. My order. Football, basketball, and then baseball. Okay. And then like hockey, maybe I don't know, but then like soccer. So those top three. Right. All Americans? Yes. All Americans buying old Americans play as kids Ohlemeyer in the professionals. So old big teams other end. Is there anybody who's like not an American on the squads of the of the major found themes? The major you're talking NFL now there's like there's like there's are always like, oh, the one player on that. We've rugby play from New Zealand's. He couldn't quite old well, a, yeah, yeah, basketball, there's all there's actually a big foreign influence. Really, actually surveying will Spain loves the basketball actually won. The number one draft picks was I forget his name, but he's one of the number one draft picks us from Spain. He played through the Real Madrid. Basketball team is actually really, I know is if you is pretty funny, fishy, go on like this dance. So Donncha like the number two pick Ginobili. He's from Argentina. There's actually a big foreign influence Dario Saric here in Philadelphia. He's from somewhere in the Baltics of research as well. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So I was just, I'm at my hypothesis was that no one apart from the American spies Margaret bubble. I mean, really like seriously, so I don't have superstars. Yeah, so everyone's going to be Americans old American basketball. I thought it was similar, but it might not be otherwise might be otherwise baseball. Clearly maybe five percent? Yeah. NFL so superstars in the NBA who are like foreign rights and. Okay, so and then you baseball, you've got Japan loves it. You love it. No one else. I mean, we have a lot of Cuban players. We have a lot of South America, but again, very close, very close on our side of the hemisphere yet. So now you get to suck. Oh, you're and it's just every South America. Brazil RGI. Uruguay I can never right. But I mean, mostly, I mean Europe. Yeah. So, yeah, so I so my primary reason the is not as is I think this. Although the sports, the kind of more American focused, whereas like the MLS isn't a stronger league and it's kind of seems to be Mickey Mouse league by some of the other leagues. So like to get your best sports, you know, you want to see the best boy in front of you. You have to go to Italy, Spain, owing Lind or Germany, Germany. I mean, you just watch buyer Munich. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I think that's maybe a concern. So I think if those guys that we, you know, we've been money on, we're coming to the lesson stats that I have a feeling you can more about it. If you could say the MLS best league in the world, I think it may be would go up if you run. I don't even put MLS above. I put it not even maybe in the top ten. Okay. So the top five, you have like Bundesliga. Four. But yeah, like a league Premier League Syria league? Yeah. Yeah, that's what your top five Syria. And then you have like the Portuguese league would really go to tone Medica. You have team league that one though, isn't it? I mean, Joe benefit would-be. Any team MLS paying, then you had like a Netherlands like IOC yet. I mean, even like the mighty Scottish by me league, don't forget you got the Celtics the Rangers. Yeah, but that's definitely maybe Emily squeezes in top ten. Barely right. Am I crazy the knows what I'm saying?.

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