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On Wednesday January eight one day after after. I guess what we could call Joe Judge Day for the New York giants the day that the giants very surprisingly wound up hiring former New England patriots special teams coordinator Joe Judge as their next head coach. What a day yesterday was really giants his fans? You know the day started considering or thinking that Matt Rule of Baylor was going to become the head coach. That rule was going to interview and was the prohibitive favorite than we suddenly find out. That rule wasn't coming to the giants after all that he was going to stay in Carolina except a massive contract offer their in before we could even wrap our heads around that we found out that the giants had actually offered the coaching job to judge judge and had actually begun negotiations with him at some point on Monday so really really interesting day end. Look what we did a pole at big blue. I know that that people are a little bit crazy at this point. A little bit shocked at how this worked out. I didn't even know who joe judge was until his name showed up on the giants list of candidates. You know that they were going to talk. Talk to this really is an out of left field kind of hiring for the giants. It's it's a hiring. No one would have expected a week week or so ago when the giants decided to move on from Pat Shurmur and search for a new head coach. But you know in the end we did a pole at the big blue view and we found really really mixed reaction to this higher a more of a mixed reaction and we generally get from from the polls that we do pretty evenly split all the way through when we asked people to grade the higher from a through F lots of BS and CS in pretty close to fifteen percent gave it in a pretty close to that same number actually gave it an f. You know the failing grade so people are caught off guard Argh here. They're not quite sure what to think in. Listen the reality of it is the way that I look this is we. Were not in the room. We did not sit there and listen to what Joe Judge said to John. Mara in Steve Tisch in Dave gettleman woman. We didn't hear that interview. We only heard that he was very impressive. We don't know what any of the other candidates said. We don't know what kind of impression they left what we know here is that the giants have been mostly down for the last eight years and none of us knows how this hires going to work out. We were optimistic. When the giants hired Ben mcadoo we were optimistic when they hired PAT firmer? Those things didn't work out. Nobody knows how this one's going to work out. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it was a great hire. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it was an awful higher. What I'm going to say is this is a guy that bill belichick was very very very high on? This is a Guy Bella chick was grooming to eventually take over as New England's offensive coordinator. This is a guy who has worked for several years with Bela check for several years. Before that with Nick Sabin so this is a guy who at the age of thirty eight. It is very well trained. He's worked for two of the best coaches in the business. This is a guy who knows his stuff in his highly highly respected by the people who have worked with him. So what what I like about. This higher is kind kind of something that I've actually said about Dave gettleman in the past and I'm not saying this is a gettleman higher. I I always remind people that giants ownership ship makes this final decision on who is going to be the head coach. Dave gettleman might recommend he might agree. You know he he might. I don't know who put the giants candidates lists together even. We're not sure if some of those guys were John Mara some were Steve Tisch somewhere Dave gettleman or if the list was done by Cattleman or who it was who it was put together by but this is an ownership decision. So let's not say. Oh Dave Dave gettleman hired this guy so it can't be a good move. The one thing I've always said about gentleman is love him or hate him. The one thing that I do respect respect is that he thinks for himself he doesn't simply make decisions based on. What the media or the fan base or the NFL analysts or whoever you know think he should do. He views. The situation views. The talent give us the offers in the opportunities opportunities in he makes his own mind. And I've always admired that about gentleman whether I've liked his decisions or not. I always liked his independence in his willingness to think for himself. In in this case I like the fact that the New York giants did something outside the box they did something unexpected. This is a conservative organization that it has always had the tendency to make the conservative move to make the move looking inside its own organization nation staying with people. It was comfortable with or familiar with staying with sort of the status quo type decisions if the expected respected sort of path at in staying with sort of the traditional approach to doing things in what the giants have done here. Maybe partially even keeping gentleman is sort of fly in the face of public opinion. They have thought outside the box. This with Joe Judge is a swing for the fences here. It's an absolute swing for a home. Run it may blow up in their faces. It may end in a spectacular or failure but if bill belichick is right about the future of Joe Judge about what he thinks. Joe Judge from everything that I've read and heard that Belichick has said regarding this this young head coach than this guy could end up being a spectacular failure. The New York giants giants very much need someone who can lift their organization someone who can energize this team mm someone who can energize an organization. That's been down for too long a fan base. That's been frustrated for too long. Maybe Joe Judges that guy. Maybe maybe he isn't. We will find out but I give the giants a ton of credit here simply for the idea that what they did was was go outside the box outside their comfort zone. Try something different. Take a big swing here at something that might change change the direction of their organization. Alright giants fans. I hope that you've been following our coverage at big blue view as we've covered this this particular killer story a little bit later on here We're going to bring in both Chris. Slum of Big Blue View and marks Goldfield Goldfield of big blue view in also pats pulpit several different places around espy nation. We know mark is a quarterback Guru and a New England Patriots Fan. Dan So we'll get we'll get his take. We'll get Chris's take on the situation before we get to Chris. I did want to say one more thing about about Matt rule in about that situation. There's a lot of people. Criticizing the giants for not matching the offer for the Carolina Panthers made for Matt Rule endless than. Here's my take on this. I've I've said it on twitter and people have criticized me for this. Look you know. Matt rule might have had an interview scheduled with the giants but first and foremost the fact that he went to Carolina. I tells you that may be the giants. Were not his first choice after all and for me. Listen in when you interview for a job. What met rule did here was go to Carolina interview with Caroline liked? What he heard liked the mega offer that he got from the panthers and I don't blame him for taking that offer but listen it doesn't but then he took that offer in and he turned around and he contacted the giants and he said this is the offer that I have from the panthers? Will you match this offer. And he did this before he had walked in the giants building before he hit interviewed before he had met with John. Mary Dave Gettleman. In Steve Tisch and Kevin Kevin Abrams who were waiting for him in New Jersey. I'm sorry folks. This is not how it works. You don't say I have this offer. Will you match Shit before you've even interviewed. You can't expect the New York giants to to match offer. Say Yeah we'll give be that much money or will give you more before we even had a chance to sit in a room with you and talk to you about what you WANNA do. And whether you're a match for our organization mutation it just doesn't work that way so I am not in any way shape or form going to criticize the giants for not matching that offer offer for passing on Matt Rule and for moving on to a candidate that they were very impressed with. Will it work. I don't know maybe blows up. Maybe it works out great. We'll have to see but I am not going to criticize the giants for refusing to match an offer to Matt rule when they hadn't even had a chance to sit in a room with him. Alright giants fans. Let's get to a chat. That I had with with Chris Followed by a chat that I also had with Mark Scofield as we continue to talk about about the giants hiring of Joe Judge as head coach. Alright giants fans. I am joined now by big. Blue View Cohort. Chris flunked those of you who Who listened to the Chris? ENJO- show here on big blue view. Radio know that Chris Chris Usually Co hosts a show with big blue views. Joe Daley own but the JOE unfortunately is off. You know doing a silly. The thing like performing at the college gridiron showcase trying to have a pro football career so so Chris is left with is left stuck with me. See here for a few minutes on Valentine's use podcast to offer some opinions on Joe Judge so so Chris how you doing. I'm doing pretty good. How you doing ed all right? You feel a little bit lost without without Joe. I'd say it's a little bit odd but yeah yeah he let him go down play Hooky in Texas. Whatever you know I mean the kids trying to have a pro football career? I mean I'm I suppose we can't be mad at him for that now. Not at all so listen I wanNA talk about about the giants hiring of Joe Judge abviously And this was a real surprise for the giants. You know folks at this point have been listening. They they know where I stand and I wanted ask you. You wrote about judge the day before we found out that the that the giants would actually hire him. And I don't think any of us. It's really saw this coming but in your research about judge in in what you learned about as you did that piece. What was it that really intrigued? You in in Major. Think that maybe he was a legit candidate for this job. I would say actually. The fat is a special teams coach yet. Normally pretty much. Every team is going to look at either offensive coordinator or Defensive Coordinator for a head coaching position. You don't don't get too many special teams coaches getting interviewed. And we have seen some discussion as to whether or not that. Good or will change after the ED hiring of judge. I think that might depend on how he does. But just the fact that the giants went outside the box they went outside of their comfort zone. That kind of suggested to me that there was more there than just. Hey let's check out this other ballot check guy. It was an outlier and I thought what that really needed digging into yet. It's it's definitely an interesting move by the giants We've obviously seen in mixed reaction to it. I mean honestly. I didn't know who joe judge was until he showed up on the giants candidate list. I'm not sure you did either. I know a lot of giant advanced. Didn't I've I've seen the opinion that that maybe this is early for judge to become a head coach. He's he's thirty eight years old old. But what is your reaction the way this played out to the giants winding up with with an untested untested unproven. Obviously young you know new head coach of the giants in the NFC east the other three head coaches have all at least been to the Super Bowl and you you have the giants with Joe Judge. WHO's never coached a game on his own as a head coach? So what's what's your reaction to this sort of the day. After the whole thing is just surprise it I I was actually working on another piece about rule going to Carolina when the judge news basically blindsided all of us. Yeah I thought he was a legitimate. I thought you would probably get looked at in a second round of interviews. The fact that he was hired before the interview review process was even completely concluded too. I think everybody by surprise. I think time will tell list whether or not this is a good higher. I think it's a higher. I'm optimistic about at least cautiously optimistic. I I do believe in agree that a special teams coordinator is a lot more like a head coach than either an offensive or defensive coordinator. He has to deal with the guys from both offensive and defensive backgrounds. He has to perform and get his players to play with Disciplined and all of those things you want out of a head coach do it in high leverage situations and they only get get one chance to be right. They don't get three downs.

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