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Doug Peterson spoke to the media yesterday we really didn't have a good idea about the injury status because Doug didn't have an update on some of these players because he hadn't spoken with his medical staff yet but he has spoken to them since and this morning a W. I. P. Doug had a little bit more to offer about whether John Jackson Alshon Jeffery and others would be ready for the Detroit Lions his day to day with these guys and we're gonna continue to to you know re have these guys this weekend and and see where they're at I'm you know I'm I'm not gonna commit right now to that because I want to make sure they put in a full week show week of practice before before we make that determination does to shore less Sunday night early with a growing problem he tweeted yesterday that he'll bounce back as soon as possible now shows Catherine is in serious according to the NFL network but the eagles to play two games the next nine days and that's not ideal Tim surely can reportedly broke his foot but it isn't expected to be broken enough to where he needs surgery that should put about about a month that was more significant and and so that one's a little bit longer than than these guys get money back court clinic shoulder is said to be one or two weeks according to NFL network and there's no rumor about tied in Dallas Qatar as far as how some of these guys suddenly got out of no where Paul is is is is physical strenuous sport I mean these guys are running all the time you know they run to run in practice things things come up I mean. you know your see above a few more things you know with some of these injuries around other sports as well guys well some of the some in the city may be very concerned as Brandon Brooks may be very concerned about the eagles injuries Doug Peterson that he's not going to pass okay and we will open zero.

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