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Ana and our guest, former Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant do a deep dive on his basketball upbringing. Let's find out who the five-time NBA champion idolize going up if you're shooting free throw, that's it like on a scale of one to ten enjoyment level. I enjoyed a ten for me because those are easy points. Like, I should not miss free. Throws breeding. Did you how did you concentrate is consistency? Like, I changed every year kind of dependent on what I felt like. But generally, it was like two dribbles. Hold the ball. Nice deep breath, the room, shoot it. Right. But you it's fun because people were trying to distract you. I've always felt that fun. It right now listeners Koby has this massive grin on his face. I never understood the noisy people like all we're gonna make so much noise thing things. No, I've never seen a yellow block jump shot. Like is not going to do it who are some of your favorite players that maybe aren't your contemporaries what? I've studied the game. All we back to inception crazy stuff. Your dad was professional basketball played in Italy. Like uncle played for the Chicago Bulls longtime ago, so I like basketball family, so like studied everything about the game. Like all we back to when James Naismith I created the game. Total basketball dork in fourteen sixty three. Close. But you know, when you look at the history of the game or the history of anything you start identifying patterns in those things you start seeing moves that were done a long time ago that still work to this day. Yeah. Yeah. I know, but but about players that you like maybe two players that you really have mired and why well, Michael, Jordan and imagine those are my favorite guys of all time and offer different different for different things. The way magic play the kind of infectious enthusiasm smile. Michael was the stone cold killer. He Luli terrified. On the way Kobe Bryant Marvel's over the moment. He realized the true beauty in sports. Right. And I'm seeing LA. Wow. This is amazing that you can actually have those different points. But guess what you bond together for something greater than yourselves. More of on affairs is unqualified is coming up in minutes..

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