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Nobody should be able to contest them because they clearly are already previously showed like they are willing to spend the top dollar to be the top team so if a team does win the offseason over them. That is an upset on par with you know some of the you know the other big upset about it has to come from actual better scouting and better management and one of the areas to do that. Now is obviously with the the news trying to delve into that treasure chest of of of talent and trying to kind of hone in and train up and see what kind of configurations you can make. And we're just remember though that it's not as though they're upgrading over over total subs and people's opinion on brooks at has lowered a lot but at the start of last year people were looking at the box signing this big hype signing t. l. And pretty excited. I think the community was pretty excited. I think munity was more excited than that's fair. I mean i think santona is definitely better and way higher stock right now but impact is also someone who has been very good for a long time. al farhi. I think people like on paper are expecting. Okay if he was like the best or or a second bass arguable. Whatever with wonder that he would be performing better and being more flexible play style. Wise and dash should be an advantage detail but impact has been really good and on team liquid and on sundays other teams. He has really been really good at you know when they were doing international. Play right like when we think about the final round and everything so it's not as though they are just eliminating some bottom tier players and upgrading them. So i mean. I would say on paper. They were supposed to be the best team by far this year. Too and the got ninth and then third will say to when when people you know are looking over at at os challenges that because that's new. Don't forget the speeches that we've been giving all year long on hon. Building up north american talent And finding new north american rookies. Like i think the hundred thieves project of the hundred these next Tsn cloud nine..

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