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About the beltline at beltline dot org well let's jump into it so you're giving us some pretty interesting figures about the economic impact and people, the the beltline isn't just a jogging, trail right. And it's it's a nice trail for jogging I mean that's that's good, and it's gonna. Be cool if you can run all the way around someday right absolutely But it actually is. A huge economic, engine for. The city and can you describe how this impacts work yeah absolutely and again that's. Something that we're pretty excited about and the definitely need to give a shout out to the framers of the the beltline project in, itself because when this. Project was I envision it. Was an invasion just in isolation as a transportation corridor or a walking trail but they really thought comprehensively about, what this project should be so so the thoughts about transit economic. Development affordable housing art all of those things combined because we. Typically, do kind of a. Comparative analysis of other projects and other states that are trying to diminish perhaps what the the beltline is doing and and. So? So one of the things I think is. Unique about, us is that. We brought all of those elements together verse versus it being kind of a. Linear. Park Or a Greenspace and and, so so we're pretty proud of so when we talk about the five hundred, million dollars that's been invested in from public dollars and to. The beltline and then having that again over? A, four. Billion dollar, impact in follow on private money that's, been invested in our community because of the beltline to me again you know I've been in economic development. For about twenty years now I will take a eight to one return on investment any day that that is a that, is a big deal and so we oftentimes have other beltline. Light projects coming to Atlanta to, visit and, learn, to, see, well how did you all make this this happen and but again shout out to to the people that were the visionaries behind the beltline project because that was contemplated and the. Early thoughts who wasn't an afterthought that was an early thought and so if you look at at you know some of the numbers to date Richard just on the job creation Inside so there have been eleven thousand direct jobs that have been created, on the beltline date that that is absolutely amazing and if you do the multiplier effect. For that we're looking at about fifteen thousand jobs and in our. Goal, is is, thirty thousand jobs when the project supposed to sunset so. So really we're halfway there on the job creation side and then there's another metric that we like to to track. And that's on you know temporary construction jobs and we're about at thirty thousand temporary construction jobs because, of, the Atlanta beltline to date and we hope? To hit at, least forty eight thousand those are absolutely incredible numbers and again I can't tell you how many visitors from other states and other countries come to. Visit Atlanta because of what. This is great city is doing those, are big knocking out of the park or a symbol for me was my Nephew Brett Davis.

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