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Yeah. I think importantly, probably being a bit in some ways, but of an outside to school, and and not kind of finding you'll be or your track and Fenian little at odds. And then suddenly, I came drama club. And we will just such goofs is giving around just love to. So how would you doing a young teach year old to fourteen year old like in the acting game where you like providing for the family where you like, I don't I have no sense of like. See the early like credits, and I'm like with all due respect didn't enter my world. Maybe if I was growing up in Britain. Maybe I would have no he wasn't a kind of it wasn't sort of that full night for me. It was very much just something that I did in my school holidays. And and I always I always wanted a bit of a balance between I did a TV series the worst which when I was about twelve or thirteen and then I was going to go onto the second series on. I remember I was desperate to go on family holiday. We all used to go away with my cousins, and my aunts and uncles, and I was so sad. The thought missing the family holiday that. I decided that I didn't want to go back into a second second. I I. I. News vice family everything your sanity for third season CV show. No one will ever remember, exactly. So I thought instead I'm going to go on the holiday, and I'm going to go back, and I was just thinking about that the other day. And I think he I wonder what that was about. And I think it was all too many about which doesn't sound very jazzy in cool. But it's about violence we come back to the scales. Scales? Justice Ginsburg is maybe that healthy happy way is is the equilibrium. Do you have that sense to this day where you're like I've been working too much like an I need to kind of like preserve. Denying or do you feel like now, you kind of have the natural rhythms? And you know, how to protect yourself and protect your Saturday. And I think so I mean, everyone we will have that battle like keeping identity you want. The you want them to be in Khomeini, you kind of want them to feed into each other. And and Hanis won enough. I think ultimately so so going back to the time line. What's the for you? Remember, the first time that you were working with like actors that you truly revere like an another generation of actor that felt like this is like I'm surrounded by important, folks. And having an having that sense of I think, I think initially the first person I was really taken with. Actually on. I did a thing with the tragedy and the diver it was a female Directa. Cool. Juliette? May I think that's the first time. I saw too was going. Oh, wow. This is really special because it was the first time I saw a woman in that position which I hadn't hadn't come across before. So I feel. It was that was definitely my kind of like oh goodness. This is interesting. Moment. And then oversea along the way you can't help you do become you absorb much. I think from the people that you work with particularly and continue to do. So actually at indefinitely walking with Helen Mirren was a moment I've seen someone who's just cool. The tempest. Yeah. And she was just cool onset, and she didn't Dimona of attention. And she was meticulous in front of the camera. And that she said a bit of a gold standard for me from from. Then not that I was like going around being early publicity. Wait around to Kane. Go away. Did you end of that appear group of actors that you kind of feel like you kinda came of age with its definition. Yeah. I remember doing I good. was going to make this film, which was an improvised film in England. Which was a love story set in the second World War and and. And we were doing dishes for the male role..

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