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If we lose the bees, we blues our food Thorning about a B day off his being sounded by scientists around the world Nickless, Ronnie with the UCLA chapter of the California Public interest research group tells cakes bees pollinate seventy percent of the crops that we eat from strawberries to coffee one in every three bites of food we eat. So why is this happening? Definitely a factor Hera sites like the varroa mite, but a big one if you of a classic featuring pacified called nicotinoid or that with we started to use in the nineteen nineties says his group is calling on UCLA chancellor, gene block to ban the use of killing pesticides on campus and make schools more be friendly Rothbart. Sure. KNX ten seventy News Radio. New housing is planned in San Pedro that would help homeless and low income single moms the Y W C A plans to build thirty five one and two bedroom units next to its main building on west ninth street D'amoto the YWCA is to empower women and eliminate racism, and we can't think of a better way to empower women than to provide housing for people who are sort of in trouble. Why WC a board of directors president Julie Wichmann Hera tells KNX she can't think of how a family can be raised without stable housing and onsite daycare center. We'll be included Wakeman Hera says there are still issues. Plans to work out. But the goals is to start construction within the next year. Thousands marching rally in Hollywood and mid city to Mark the one hundred and four anniversary of the Armenian genocide team coverage coming up at the bottom of the hour. It's three twenty five traffic.

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