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And a couple degrees water about 35 degrees tomorrow and then the same on Wednesday and then back down a little bit. As you get toward the weekend from the Southern California Toyota dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy Check that 1 10 freeway. In the South bound side of the 1 10 coming up on Florence. That was the scene earlier. Brushfire looks like the flames have been doused and emergency crews looks like they may have just cleared the same, but we're still seeing some slow traffic. Leaving downtown L a away from the one No one that North found tied, slowing down from almost exposition as you travel back towards the window one freeway. It's also still slow moving. Insist in Orange County on that four or five North found it. It looks like it's a crash just passed. Brooke Hearst and delays are loading up right now getting out of the Costa Mesa area from actually keep that. Let's keep that in fountain Valley away from you Could if you see any problems pound to 50 keyword KO Phi traffic And you're slow moving into Encino, one of one North bound, leaving the four or five better past wide O k a pie in the sky. Help sketchy there faster. I'm Angel Martinez this week. No place like a cowboy, please..

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