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Cover functionally topics that can help you improve your life sure inspiring stories, and always end with three easy to implement tips that you can put to work right away and usually in about five minutes. Now, let's get started on the five minutes that could change your. Life. Hello there and welcome to this episode a five minute way see we're going to be talking about a topic the I don't really go over a whole whole lot because it just doesn't really happen that often, but it does happen and that is I. Think there are some times when People need to move the house just isn't support it for them and it's not one of those. Things that can be improved really. By moving things around because if if it were, I definitely would tell them You need to just move this here or change your bed that that way that kind of thing and It's really not something that I feel like a qualified functionally consultant recommends because getting up and moving house or changing your apartment isn't something that you do like a hand back. You know you just don't like swap your wallet out and off you go there's a whole lot involved. There's a lot of expense. It's a lot of time. It's a lot of energy and. So you know picking up and moving really it's just not something that just any old body wants to do just because. Well, you know I, don't like where the toilet is and the kitchen just not that. Great. So you don't WanNa. You know just pick up and move who does and this comes from somebody. I have moved more times than I wanna even tell you about and if I had to move I, think it would it would be the end of me right now. Especially during Cova but you know there are times when I do think it is a good idea and it is something that needs to be considered when they're certain criteria and we're GONNA be talking about those criteria today in this episode. But before we get started I just want to call out a particular listener who is a member my private facebook group the year of the rat facebook group I call them. The funkaway insiders and she is a just a dynamo, an amazing woman, a special education teacher in San Diego and just a darn nice human being a really really special woman. Her name is Susan Star Girl. That's how we're GONNA caller Susan star girl from San Diego and I just WanNa call her out because she listens to this podcast and she's also been a subscriber of mine since two thousand four now. If you don't know how long I've been publishing that has been that's my entire career. I actually started publishing the red slaughter back in two thousand and one, and so this is like the early the nascent days of when I began publishing and I just WanNa, say how special she is to me because of that I've seen her go through houses is living in in Plano Texas and then. Moving to to San Diego and and she's just a really wonderful person and I, it was really nice. Last year I went out to San Diego, and my husband had a little business to do and we decided to make kind of a long weekend of it and I invited her out to lunch and the two of us just sat and talked like we've known each other like fifteen years like we have. Anyway, it was great to be together with her. She's fabulous lady. So my hat's off to my wonderful wonderful Susan. Star girl. Thank you so much for listening and being part of my red-letter family I. SO appreciate you. Will let's start talking about when she move out because there are going be some times. When you you've just do need to move and like I said as an experienced functionally consultant I think you should have some a lot more tricks up your sleeve. You ought to have some knowledge and skills to help correct a problem So you don't want to move because your house is function perfect. Because here's the newsflash. None of them are there really are no functionally pervy Tallis's every. House has to have a bathroom somewhere. Every house has to have a kitchen or a toilet or you know a laundry room garages that kind of thing we have to have those kinds of things and we can't just have a pervert house and there's no way I want to have a house that doesn't have indoor plumbing. So I will have a toilet and I will work around it. No matter what corner it's in and here's what I can tell you. You will survive almost all houses. It is true but there are few stand out in my mind. I'm going to talk about that because I do think that you can gain from this experience and having worked with so many homeowners and seeing what their lives are like what they're experiencing it is It really gives me a wide array of understanding of various homes in and knowledge about them in there. But there are some circumstances were I do think moving is a wise idea. So. Let's just diamond in when. People, come to me a lot of times for consultation. They're they're actually fearful they. They are worried because they've heard from other consultants in fact, many times. I'm I'm the second consultant someone's talk to and and I have I I do a lot of Recovery, consultations like help pulling them back from the ledge as it were from someone who's scared the living daylights out of them and told them that their life is just going to completely unravel many times. They're afraid they've been told that they need to move out of their homes and they need to do major renovation. They're afraid I'm going to tell them that you have to move out of your house or move out of here or move this wall and that kind of thing and really. Like I said, a qualified functioning consultant really tell someone their home is hopeless with regard to funkaway hopeless for their live and in fact, good. Functionally, consultants will talk to you about your life in addition to your home. So if you have a fun Schwab Consultation Number One, make sure that somebody is asking you what is your experience living in this home? Because when a consultant does that, they're trying to understand how the house is affecting you and they will look at your life and your home at the same time because they're kind of like mirror images of each other and it gives a lot of insight to know, okay. This person's looming this kind of house and this is what's happening in their lives. Now, of course, you know a lot of people like I said earlier, worry about having a toilet in their career sector, but they're thriving professionally maybe your life is I think you're really best indicator of your functional it's not necessarily your bathrooms are located so rather. Than focusing on a functional problem area of your home. Taking stock of your life is actually.

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