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Accountants financial planners everyone with more confidence and feel like they're on the same playing field fantastic. I love the I love. The idea of removing the financial literacy would and and Tony get into some sort of the spectrum because as you say at some point no one likes to be told what to do but they love to be able to understand with a sit amongst their peers and how they can improve on a really enjoying those Tim's Is Your Business. Something that is funded by the entrepreneurs that had the money to pay you and a bit of Pro. Bono stuff with the with the young Young adults and students absolutely and so this year. I will be launching a workbook for those young entrepreneurs that I will sell from the podcast. I'll be targeting as well colleges and universities to sell it additionally this. I'm going to be launching a scholarship fund to start helping students with post secondary education. And I'll be making my coins aware that so that they know that part of the e that they're paying GonNa go and contribute to that So for sure. I do make most of my money through consulting in working with the entrepreneurs but also notice that you said I love this too by the way. the podcast for the students is will not students but the young people and people who love them he absolutely so embiid. The target ages between eighteen thirty ish. I have a lot of parents and grandparents who listen and so anybody can learn anything at any age and depending on whether you've lived your life in Canada we have a lot of newcomers to Canada. Who may be just learning about the banking system when they come here and so they can be any age in still need to learn things that maybe we think everybody should know when they're in that age bracket Elected like that idea of being able to say in helping people even if even the preneurs that you helping at the time is not in that bracket of your podcast interesting to them. Because they might WANNA. They've passed information onto That concept yeah. They usually have kids in their life somehow whether it sound their children nieces or nephews friends people they know and so they're able to pass that on in a lot of times in intersex really nicely. A Lotta Young entrepreneurs get interviewed on the show. You know the reason. The reason Festivities because a lot of financial advisers here in Australia or in the road in fact a looking after a demographic that is not that young that young money place but The the wealth transfer. That's going on a lot of people. Maybe look transferring it. Well the the kids and the grandkids that met all of these clients of these People that I need to start to having conversations and I think the way that you do. You'll podcast cost isn't really good license. Those advisors thank you. Yeah it's really important to be able to get on the same page able to speak common language and not have them thinking. You're you're older than you can help them Because everybody needs to learn you just You want them to not have to make mistakes that maybe you did at. Let them make mistakes yet. Exactly tell us about your podcast. Let's give it a plug and talk about it Tell us about You've got a couple of years into it now creek absolutely so it's young money. The with Tracy beset the advice show for young millionaires in the making and sometimes people laugh a little bit when they hear the title. My wish is that even if you learn one thing while you're listening great. You've advanced on that financial fitness journey. But if you do implement a lot of the tips from myself from featured experts and the research is showing me and I am so I do have a lot of these people on that. Young adults like to hear from themselves and so from peers. They want to hear from people who are doing things. Well not doing things well so that they can learn. And so it's a combination of all these these things Pretty Finding May much make anything tie into money. I love music. I love to go to concerts. Frequently tying in artists who might my money shows. It's really good. It's a really good idea to be other than brings. You'll piss nowadays right those Lisa. Somebody does make you the stand That third you will typically speak about the things you're passionate about and then back to money of out also said my suggestion is to anybody listening to this podcast that he's thinking about how to attract an audience of As I said of mice at sort of main clients is go. Listen to podcasts luck. You'll find out how you do it. And then they model themselves I will. What am I passionate and interested in? How denied and talk about those? Things will bring the people in my office through. Tokyo. Those things I think it's really important so thank you thank him. You've also done a amazing series on the the she showed she Short mumbled it absolutely install what that is. It's actually a a movement that started in Canada by Vicky. Saunders in what it is. It's an opportunity for women. Lead ventures to be financed by women activators or investors is how you might call them in. So each year is a new contribution. I've been involved for four years. I didn't know about it the first year without and so you contributed eleven hundred dollars You can also apply as a venture in you get to be part of the voting process of which women lead ventures are going to receive the money and it's really fun and interesting yet to meet a lot of different people but it's expanded over the years went into the US than it went into New Zealand and Australia. This year has gone into the UK. And so I've had the opportunity to talk with Via Zoom skype entrepreneurs in different countries. That I wouldn't have necessarily had the opportunity to and just learn about how they're making a difference in the world in how she yo has helped them actually super looking forward to it We will be having global summit in Canada. And this year there will be women From these ventures that have one or secured the investment as well as other investors from around the world at together to talk about how.

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