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Same reasons, as our folks of fought to keep the aluminum plant open the Coa plan, opened a Messina, New York teachers and still workers together. We fight to keep men. You know things made in America, but I think what what happened is. That. You know, everyone thinks there's there's there is a a sense that you if you're nice to Trump and you sweet, talk Trump, you can get things done. And you know, I think that that was really what you know what, what you know. I think that that we very much as a labor movement want to have fair trade, not free trade. We wanna make sure that things get made in America again, because that will lead to we hope you know, good jobs, good paying jobs and that that people can, you know, feed their families on. And I think that he, he was, you know, trying to send Trump a message that that the f. l. CIO would engage in in the trade issues at the same time. Let me say very clearly. I think Trump has been from my Union's perspective from what I just saw at our convention. I think that Trump has been disqualified by his conduct towards people towards public education towards labor, towards what he said in the Janice decision. I think he is disqualified from trade union endorsement. And from any union backing him, you think on a aquatic? I'm just talking about my union. What about any Republicans they? Can you see the unions backing Republicans publicans, take the positions. Again, this goes back to values as opposed to personalities. I don't think we should be. I may be a democrat, but I voted for Republicans in the past. I will retry publicans to be voted for. I voted for Jacob Javits. Okay. My first election. I have voted for into central liberal network. We as a four. Would have been nine hundred eighty s when they voted for Ben Gilman when he was my congressman from growing up in Rockland county. But this is my point. My point is the Republican party has changed. It has voted for or are union endorsed George Pataki one at at one point or another..

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