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2 to 15 again Still the state's third most expensive We have a traffic and weather four times an hour. Tim Cook on the Patriot from more than 1.5 and am 1400. Now live from the Patriot Detroit radio complex. This is the John MacCulloch show. Well, the first thing we have to do is open up our country. You can't keep all these states closed up the Democrats, states and they're not doing well. And the country is doing well. We just want a case in Michigan against the governor, I go the complainer in chief. All she does is complain, except when she's on the phone directly. Well, she doesn't say thank you very much for doing such a great job. But the fact is that you have to open up because it's unconstitutional. What these people are doing now. Here's John. And welcome to the Monday edition of the McCulloch show here on FM one on 1.5. Am 1400 the Patriot. Glad you could join us for the fastest our local Detroit talk radio. Or your host continues his his quest. His lengthy quest for Well, let's just say for the For what we're looking for. And what we're looking for. Is The answer. The answer to the question of what it is. We're going to find at the end of this. Serge. For what it is. Well, we just don't seem to know. Glad you could join us for the fastest hour and local Detroit talk radio where host continue serving his life sentence in reality, Remember, this is the program where all lives matter. There is no Excuse me. I'm having a voice problem here. There is no There is no There's no flakes. There are no Excuse me. Excuse me. I will get rid of this. I promise. There is no We're on the air. Yes, I know that. And Will continue now. Here. On the Patriot..

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