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Your listening to the A. P. digital news network voters in Canada give Justin Trudeau was second term as prime minister but as the peas Mike rusty reports the wind came along with a big loss Justin Trudeau appeared to have won a hard fought second term from voters in Canada's parliamentary elections Monday facing a challenge from conservative Andrew Scheer and settled with controversies and questions about judgment Trudeau's Liberal Party was projected to win the most seats in the three hundred thirty eight seat parliament just days before the election Trudeau received an unprecedented endorsement from a former American president Barack Obama Trudeau's liberals will likely need a coalition with the new Democrats to form a new government and stay in power I might cross yeah well president trump defends his handling of the U. S. military pullout area A. P.'s Tim acquire reports one Kurdish military leader says the president has abandoned her people in on Ahmed who arrived in Washington Monday tells reporters president trump's withdrawal of US troops from northern Syria is akin to genocide she also calls on the president to stop these massacres she met with Republican senator Lindsey Graham and Democrat Chris van Hollen to the sponsors of a bipartisan measure to impose economic sanctions on Turkey for its invasion of northern Syria and attacks on her fellow Kurds both say the US need to keep a modest number of troops in Syria and provide air protection for the Kurds Graham also says there's a need for an international force as a buffer between Turkish and Kurdish forces to McGuire Washington someone say uncle babies Tom merry reports the patriots demolished the jets to remain the NFL's only perfect team of the season New England Patriots remained unbeaten by embarrassing the New York Jets thirty three nothing New England set the tone immediately after the opening kick off at the pass more seventy eight yards and sixteen place and a nearly nine minute drive capped by sunny Michelle three yard TD run watching the seventh straight win for the defending Superbowl champs and Tom Brady as the stars good drive and in time you can go on a seven or eight minutes whatever that was put the ball and ends on the road kind of gives you a good feel shell score two more touchdowns on runs but it was the patriots defense that literally had jets quarterback Sam Donald wonder if you were seeing goes Donald threw four interceptions and was held to one of the lowest quarterback ratings ever Tom merry me throughout the for the Jersey I read a Foley with ABC news minute defense secretary mark asper arrived in Baghdad this morning is Iraq says US troops arriving there from northern Syria cannot stay meanwhile Turkey says he will neutralize any remaining Kurdish fighters it finds in northeastern Syria vice president pence said last night the US has not abandoned the Kurds though Kurdish Syrian defense forces were strong allies in the fight against ISIS it will always be grateful William Taylor the top diplomat in Ukraine from the United States has told house impeachment investigators the president trump was holding back military aid for Ukraine unless it agreed to investigate Democrats in a company linked arrival Joe Biden's family democratic congressman Eric Swalwell he was a highly credible witness.

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