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Dobbins a hundred fifty seven yards rushing into scores after head coach Ryan day talking about the victory and the road ahead you walk out of that game thinking who could one of a lot bigger than that but that that's a you know Penn state's a great team they did a really good job but if the other day we got to take care of the ball and you know I I I said it's one of the coaches maybe it's been a little too easy had time since this was hard today and we learned some lessons and now over we go from there Georgia kept their playoff hopes intact with a tough nineteen thirteen win over Texas a and M. what you were talking about lower done for the year the tide hopes Ruston sophomore mac Jones he threw for three scores leading Alabama to a sixty six three win over western Carolina Michigan state Michigan scored twenty five straight points to pull away from Indiana thirty nine fourteen Notre Dame took on BC and self band rail lines in motion and around the cost of forty four bill Meister Notre Dame radio network sixty one yards on the end around the Irish channel the eagles forty to seven Baylor still this one loss after twenty four ten victory over taxes Minnesota knocked off northwestern thirty eight twenty two he was he took a UCLA fifty two thirty five freshman kid on Slover threw for a school record five hundred fifteen yards to go along with for TV's other top twenty five winners include Iowa Wisconsin Auburn Memphis Appalachian state Iowa state and Oklahoma state games in progress Ellis you pull away from Arkansas twenty eight to six twelve minutes ago third quarter ten minutes left in the third Cincinnati blanking temple thirteen nothing Arizona state leading organ ten seven with thirty seconds remaining second quarter Oklahoma blanking T. C. U. twenty one sept eleven minutes to go in the second quarter and at the annual Harvard Yale game was delayed nearly an hour to protesters on the field at halftime protesters led by students and alumni both schools the man in the call to stop funding of fossil fuel companies that contribute heavily to the climate crisis as for the game yell beat Harvard fifty to forty three in overtime to the NBA one final sons got by the T. wolves one hundred and ninety eight plenty of games in progress including Jimmy Butler making his return to Philadelphia not going well the Sixers clobbering the heat sixty five thirty six nine minutes ago third quarter Pacers won all four magic one a one three minutes to go in the fourth eight minutes remaining in the fourth the Hornets eighty seven seventy nine advantage on the bulls spurs crossing the next seventy four fifty seven minutes ago third quarter the hawks a seventy two sixty two advantage on the raptor seven minutes remaining in the third quarter and the cavs a forty three thirty nine advantage on the Blazers one minutes ago tell halftime and are ones of follow us anytime on Twitter our handle these acts CBS sports radio four two leaders Judy Matthews on the money we did all we could talk to you take your goals read your tweets and handicrafts and recap the week this was years Jodi Mack final.

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