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Way 1144 jay phillips komo news steve pool with the forecast well here's what's happening tonight partly cloudy skies relatively pleasant will start off our day tomorrow with temperatures right around the upper 50s and as we get into the afternoon were thinking somewhere around seventy five after seventy seven somewhere in that rain so it's not looking into bad from that standpoint however there will be some clouds to begin the day so keep that in mind all right they have it in the komo weather center i'm steve pool sixty six degrees residents of maple valley fear the hateful messages across the country have pierce to their small town goes keith eldridge report from the leak wilderness trail at the these two sixtythird underpass where he says people have taken action over here why of kkk and here was a marked direct threat it was an word get killed at that that's the fake violent and that from happening now in charlotte show a foul people be all gillian hurst john's heard about this on facebook that can't fat basically i mean that that have to come down by right now i came down equipped with a spray k i've never sprayedon her anything public an on someone out financial getty of putting cardboard over it so we decided get covered up with high brought back to that happened that happened at my house and paper we get covered up i still had my fate so i'd i sprayed on message i've just now hate coverage which brilliant on so hopefully by people that did it saw that that we're not going to stamp of that kind of stuck hear me about the cardboard is now gone this city has since painted over all of this but the bad feeling linger scientists loved that people take it upon themselves to come down and take care of that and i think that does show that maple valley as a community that is accepting unfortunately i think we have some people that still are not met the bequest right now for the folks run here is that they feel that people because of what's happening across the country now are feeling more emboldened to express their hate hey though which promoted amazon stock dropped today after president trump went after.

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