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Awesome awesome? Thanks thanks for coming on. It's a pleasure to have you. We're happy to be here cool. So so you girls off. The farm hopped into harvesting hops. How long ago will this is? Michelle and I came back to the farm full-time about four years ago and before that kind of screw up working around on the farm throughout my life your entire life and how are you now. If you don't mind my mind is asking thirty thirty okay. Yeah we're we're all about the same here. Then me and Josh lease you guys are forever young. So don't worry about it. We'll put it in the description. You guys twenty one. Yeah so what? It's grown at the farm rather than hops. You guys have vegetables or fruits. May maybe some scarecrows acidosis Diane. So we grow predominantly house We have nine hundred fifty acres pops this year. Soprano crop so they come back year after year whilst established in betwixt the rows of hops. We've been planting species cover crops which we kind of farm ish Sold for charity. And then this year we recently picked up a little bit of open ground farming on some hey along with pasture grass or the animals that we have cows chickens and sheep so were becoming what once was just a hop farm out quite a bit more diversified. You has the form always been this. I know there's been some recent growth but help. The farmers been in the family for a long time. Has It always been this substantial in size? No actually Depending on the market the farm size balloons up or shrinks based on demand essentially so the smallest Zero eggers POPs in this will be our largest year at nine hundred and sixty during our dads ten year His peak capacity and A was seven fifty in the L- late eighties. So it's been pretty consistent for the last thirty thirty forty years not exactly. The Marketing in general has been pretty sick local. But now in will you know as we get through the park? Chester will kind of touch on that list. That of crafts on the market has become a lot. More stable used to go through building bus cycles. And that's why zero seven fifty out. We've seen that. There's a bunch of years in between that we were at anywhere from fifty. Four hundred acres. That was kind of our three fifty four hundred dollars sort of our medium size. I guess now so the family really knows how to roll with the punches. We try not to go subject. But have you guys seen the mood for Netflix? In the TALL GRASS. See that one yet. A horror movie were very very tall grass. Just get stuck in the tall grass is gonNA traumatized by that movie. So if we ever do come visit you guys. Don't let me go to tall grass by myself daylight but the movie was leaving alone so Helen has the farm been in the family. This is Hanjour and we've been spending since eighteen ninety five eighteen. Actually start out working sues. Those Gosh this year's actually are honored at.

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