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It's seventy six degrees at News Radio WFL, a the former school resource deputy accused of doing nothing at last year's massacre, as it unfolded. Marjory stoneman Douglas high school is heading to court this morning facing criminal charges for not stopping the massacre. One of the members of the commission investigating the stoneman Douglas, mass shooting Polk County sheriff Grady, Judd scornfully described how Scott Peterson reacted that day. He didn't have the intestinal fortitude to run in or protect those children and investigation by FDLE in the state attorney's office, concludes the brower deputy retreated from gunfire and told others to stay back Peterson is accused of negligence perjury and seven counts of child neglect, Gordon bird, NewsRadio WFL, a Florida companies at scheduled, what are called people to people tour. As of Cuba. We're going to see business go away. Now that the Trump administration has made a decision to ban that travel, category eve, our fiscal runs a Tampa firm that schedules travel to Cuba. Impacted decrease lines and daylights to most of the people using commotion carriers all that category. The ruling by the treasury, and commerce departments designed to keep money from going to Cuban government officials and the military through state run tourism agencies. But if you've already booked, a trip to Cuba, you are allowed to go a twelve hour charter fishing trip on the Gulf turned into a nightmare as the captain of the boat took them on a wild ride that featured drugs, booze and a gun about sixty miles offshore, captain, Mark Bailey is accused of getting angry at a passenger for taking a beer out of a cooler, an argument followed and the five passengers say, the situation turned scary Bailey, allegedly started drinking heavily doing cocaine and then firing a gun into the air. These passengers tell news channel eight as.

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