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Thanks so much for dropping by thank you thank you John professor rob Jackson by the the website is global carbon project or Twitter handle is Stanford he is the chair of the global Kerr card Carmen project and professor of earth system science at Stanford University School for energy and environmental sciences we'll be right back this is the Thom Hartmann program back with your calls and more the news of the day right after this and welcome back Nora and Montgomery Alabama Hey normal what's on your mind today impeachment of course does your does your yeah thank you for picking me up a lot of people don't know that last summer at which a lot of twenty eighteen eleven of our senators went to Russia to discuss these problems we were having with the rumors of the election I was I was July fourth of July for ironic and at one of them was my senator Shelby from Alabama and then there was Steve Daines from Montana and John Hogan from north north to cal North Dakota and Ron Johnson from Wisconsin John Kennedy from Louisiana was one of them and ran from Kansas and soon from South Dakota I can't remember them all but these people one over there the senators won over there to discuss you know making relationships with Russia much better and I find myself wondering are these people going to interfere with the impeachment because they have their own connections to Russia and once trounce tax returns are released and we have access to them are we going to find that he actually owns Russia money a great deal of it and he has to did for five years ten years or even twenty and as trump fails to register as an agent for Russia you know if you were in for a foreign country you're supposed to register and has he committed treason or any thing else with this money and has it been over eighteen Russia as president and how how long will it take before we get any answers for this particular if we have our own senators who probably are just as guilty covering this stuff up all very very good questions and and this is the kind of stuff that typically you would expect Congress to investigate and the justice department and they're not doing it no they're not and and and and I'm surprised that there haven't been may know frankly look like lawsuits you know from independent groups about you know the foreign registration act I I don't know we'll see no I might I have no easy answers to any of that but you you raise the you know some very very important questions thank you very much robin in Belle haven North Carolina a robin what's up hi Tom how are you I was trying to get this question in with Mister Khanna but I missed it but it's it's still a topic I think the establishment Democrats I like to call them the liberals many talk about this once before you know to find it like I do and a lot of the all news we call the neo liberal Caesar the Democrats is sold out to donors their arguments in their and their journalists that that support these neo liberal says Democrats I was watching the PBS newshour on you tube a replay of it or not from the December twenty ninth episode and the duo Brooks and sealed the two anchors that talk on so it came out Medicare for all and shields said that the Democrats have been trying to push this since you know F. B. R. maybe even before and.

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