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I. WanNa. Talk to you about the magic bullet of instruction. So what is more important to a school than teaching and learning. You know there's so many things that teachers have to do Bush duty lunch duty lesson plans, call parents, talk to students I P's specially. There's so many things that a teacher has to do but the most important thing sometimes, it not necessarily focused. A holding all schools, the most important thing. Behind Safety. Is Teaching and learning in a school as a matter of fact, seems like sometimes that can be put on a burner. Now, you may not agree with me that teaching and learning is put on the backburner your school however, I'm GonNa say in some places that I was is that the last thing we actually talked about was, how can we improve our teaching and how can we improve what our students are learning? I think that when that conversation becomes on the forefront, then some of the other problems that we are actually dealing with Dan specifically are taking care of it seems like a lot of times some people and clued in myself. Now, nominee administrator can get to the point to where you can't see the forest for the trees and have to stop and remind myself what is the most important thing that our students are GonNa need the GonNa have to be able to regulate their own learning and then our most important asset in our school. What is going to keep teachers in the field of teaching it is enhancing their teaching. The more effective teacher is the more fulfilled they will be. The more fulfilled. The teacher is then the more fulfil de Learner ease so I like to look at the magic bullet sword I like to call if there is a magic bullet or something that will lease cut the lawn specifically for teaching and learning is incorporating the foresees of education. So the I see that I like to talk about is critical thinking and can I use critical thinking when I'm determining and floorboard soggy a practical way to use a critical thinking assignment using a flip ward magazine I you WanNa create a Liberal magazine Laissez topic. I'm going to use a science topic of formations as something that we're going to critically think about I am going to put in this magazine a series of pictures probably before and after. K. Before and after just different rock formations and. Engage. My students to think critically by asking students questions about these pictures that I've posted in his magazine. I want you to describe for me what you see in this picture. Now the reason why you're doing that is because you want the students to analyze the picture and pull out the evidence and then have them type what they see in the compensation, all the Flit Board magazine, and what that does is it bills a comet so their students can see what other students are writing. And therefore formulates a class discussion simply just by using the APP. Now, here's something that you may not know as a teacher is that you can share a private magazine students or you can share a public magazine. So my first thought is that if I were you, I would share a private magazine. I would ask an application based question Look at this picture give them a Senate stem so that they can start their writing and that they can focus their writing of just analytical wings of rock formations and talk about how what? Do you see how does one pitcher relate to the other and in a magazine? Not think that that right there is a very engaging way to use critical thinking and of flew aboard magazine. The next magazine that I was share is a creativity magazine. The couple of ways you can do this creativity by using floorboard You can't show students works being creative and share with parents. You can also have a magazine that you would make public so that anybody who has the Co can see it. You can share on. Social. Media? You can share on on any flip board share on Google plus You can share it on twitter you share on. FACEBOOK surreally cool way to do it of students being creative in the classroom just random creativity acts and let students use Google docs to take a picture of something that they did. That was that they felt that there was very creative and let them write a seven sentence description of what they felt was creative. So what you're doing near twofold because not only are you asking students to be creative before you're asking him also to write and analyze the my first example about critical thinking to ride and analyze how and why they were creative put that in a magazine and they share with the community. You also can generate a qr code from the link from the clipboard magazine and just post at around the school in different areas and go on a gallery walk take students on a gallery walk, and then have the students use the devices where they were scandal Qr Code, and they can look at other students creativity as as an inspirational who or as a gallery walk around out to get students up and moving especially if you're going to be in the classroom and. You need to take a mass break students are GonNa be going to school would mask and what better way to get students binds focused on education especially during a mass break or rest areas to have them bring their device have them scan qr codes that maybe are around a way that students are GonNa be resting and relaxing it's really cool or and then also to if you are in order setting, let's do comment on other creative ideas or something that students felt were creative. I think a very powerful tool about flip board, which is which add to the discussion of of any class is allowing students to peer review each other's work and to talk about it and just a not necessarily all off talk topic. But slightly off topic of conversations where students can be report with each other, it doesn't always have to be about science doesn't always have to be about math. It could be slightly off topic however, just something that will come rotary in the classroom. On the next thing I like to talk about is collaboration. How can dunes collaborate do floorboard which is really cool. Flip Board has a tool that allows you to share your magazine with other students. So on the flip war main page where you're online or are you on the APP, you can click the share button. When you click the share button, then it allows you to share a link for. people to view the curation league. But right next to that, there is an invite a contributor and in by inviting a contributor more than.

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