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I could run I was fit and I was fast. My first torch compared to some of the guys who were planning in the league longtime or some of the guys who'd been bought from Scotland in England it was glaring. Yeah. There I which would take them away from the defender would take them into space. An it was instant and mine was not. Yeah. See it's sad that you say that because I was playing in my house with Jack the other day, we're kicking a ball around. You should've seen my first touch left him in my in my dust. It was pretty pathetic, quite frankly. Let's see Saturday ten AM Crystal Palace and west him. I of the follow up on something. We talked about last week with Wilfried Zaha after he was shown a second yellow for sarcastically clapping at an official. I was reading Paul Doyle he had a story in the guardian last week about Zonta, and he put out some things that actually we mentioned months ago. On this podcast. But I felt that it kinda bears repeating now given givens being in the news for the same reason. He is still he carries this label with him as a serial diver. And it's just it's just not true now Doyle points out here. JJ that in the last four seasons will resign fell three hundred and eighty seven times only eaten has been found more in that time. And by the way, number three on the list is Alexis Sanchez who's been filed more than a hundred fewer times than Zaw. So no one's even really remotely close to has our Anza. Now what I fans have always had this disdain for why in particular, and it stems back to two thousand thirteen when he won a penalty against them in the championship playoff. They like many other fan bases believed that he is a chronic diver. Remember the stuff with the hornet and Hodson got all hot and bothered about like, Harry, the hornet making fun of Wilfred saw for. Divor? So Wofford fans of always had this belief that he's a diver, which is nonsense. Like, I said, especially when you hear things like this from watt. I very own Troy Deeney. He said this to BBC radio's five live about their strategy. Watt strategy in dealing was Dini. You take it in turns kicking him. I know no one wants to hear that. But you go you hit him this time. You hit him the next time. You don't have the same player tackle him because you know, you're gonna get booked. So our fans done complaining about Zaha being a diver when one of your own players saying that their actual strategy is to kick him about the pitch by Klay them, by the way, that's classic strategy for a lot of teams to identify a player that's going to really heart you on the opposition on hit him early. Get them ruffled. But but Czaja has. They are in how many times he's tackling fold. And sometimes you're watching games. And you're thinking is it because he's quite physically imposing that. He is strong told that fast, but that may be referees. Don't call it as much as they show. I don't get it. I don't get it. It's a perception that is about him, and it's a false one. It's not fair. It's not fair Saturday. Ten AM Liverpool environment. We'll hang on. We shouldn't probably just loss over west time. You know, what you're right. You're west time and the metropolitan police investigating alleged as lamb phobic view abuse of Mosala from Monday night's game out west time, and there's a video circulating which most people have of heard if they're football on online and he's clearly being abused by west time fund and kick it out. This is from Jacob Steinberg's Twitter. He of the guardian kick it out statement. We are dismayed to see yet another high profile incident of of discrimination in English football this time video of. Disgraceful anti-muslim abuse aimed at Liverpool's Mohammed Salah. So I'm by the way Jacob Steinberg. He was very nearly my man of the match this week. He has cast. He's a west time fun. And he's on a a to that. He'll y'all mentions it. He's an excellent writer too. Yeah. And he spoke out first of all the, but what was clearly a problem with West Ham fans and sports von semitism..

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