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Looks in gets his signed from Tony Walters to pitch. Scotto strikes out. The Rockies are. One two three sit the hell down. Thanks for coming. Joe mind us, which is going to rage for an hour or so in your house. Well, you set up your times, and we continue to play in the postseason. Look, I'm not gonna make a prediction about that next series. Just yet. But I know this. I've said it before it again right now, the Rockies are tough as hell the Rockies are resilient as hell cubs fans. Didn't want to give them any credit whatsoever. Rome. They're not so bad. They're not so tough. It's just us. We didn't come through your right? You didn't. But they are tough. They're tough as hell. And there are held lots on your team. And they proved it again roll on rock Tober. I'm not done with the cubs. I've got more on them a little bit later on. But to me this isn't about what you didn't do. It's about what the Rockies did to you. And they've proven it over and over and over again, and it sets up mazing matchup brewers and rocks. Batmans in the house. Let's Keith Arnold. I also noticed on Twitter now. No offense haka wouldn't have known this because I don't track these types of things. But apparently this is the second anniversary of hawks starting on this show. I only know so because I saw it on Twitter. Happy freaking jungle anniversary hawk. We don't celebrate jungle anniversaries at least not two years. Once you get to three first. And then we'll talk about it. But nice control room hat. I do like that. This Email says Rome, it's cruel and soulless and absolutely awesome. One hundred sixty three games all comes down to one extra inning affair a third string catcher comes out of nowhere with his first hit in a month. And he sends the cubs home early with that he sends the most insufferable fan base ever. And God bless him for it. Now, we deal with rock Tober bags slightly better. But almost as noxious brewers in three war Keith Arnold hugging. Hawk to prevent him from giving Rome's Steve. Is weak ass. Emails demoss you in Albuquerque. Yeah. That was nothing last night that may have been thing. But that was not a thing last night. Didn't matter. Hug job. No issue. No issue with rocky fans. No issue with rocky fans. I like him. And I love that team. Love their grit leather resilience. I love their heart. Love their manager. You know that? Tip your hat. You don't have to like it, you better respect it. They earned it tip. Your hat Romi is that fan. Boy bitch hock wearing his Rockies our control room hat today. Last night was the perfect way to kick off October baseball in the wake of Mike socia- stepping down. It was really cool to see to result bench coaches going at it last night, but black and Joe Madden or two of the great guys in the MLB war. The puck dropping tonight for the NHL and fired up. Regards Joan Anaheim hills. Fan. Boy bitch. You'll fan boy bitch. He's earned that hat. He in Kowloon or boys. How do I know that follows hawk on Twitter? It's not an accident again. Tip your hat tip. Your hat to the guy wearing the hat rocking the porn stash hawk. It's his second anniversary here in the jungle. Two years. Feels like eight years, I didn't even know hawk just no you're not getting anything from me. Like, I said you on Twitter you're renting not buying right? Happy anniversary Adam hawk Alvin did what do you make of that guy next to you is like on Twitter popping off about his second anniversary. He's got a picture of you and him, please. In the meantime, he mentioned that it was kind of cool in the wake of Mike social stepping down to see to it was. Proteges that is true. But black and Joe man would both bench coaches from social one point three excellent managers three excellent managers except one of them. Suddenly has rumors about his future. Joel Madden, Ken Rosenthal, who writes athletic was speculating there could be some talk about maybe Madden. Not making it back. Imagine being the guide and the drought. Imagine being the guy to win a world championship for the first time in like nine hundred years losing his job. Not long thereafter. I'm not saying it should happen. I'm saying the fact that there's even a conversation tells you how underachieving the cubs are that there's even a conversation at such beer while tweets. Joe Madden us twenty three different players and the cubs. Still lost take that for data take that for data. I'm not saying he's the reason they lost. I'm saying buddy black. He's good friend tournament side out. Dear Romi so much for that. Cubs dynasty that. Everybody predicted a couple of years ago. What a sorry bunch of underachievers signed this Seahawks. Casey, New Hampshire on war. Pete Carroll cutting Russell Wilson stake when they go out for dinner. Wow. That guy obviously believes all the speculation about how the Seahawks favor Russ in. Hold him to a totally different standard that everybody else. That is if p Carol really does take him out to dinner in cut a steak for him. Speaking of people cutting stakes for other people. How 'bout lebrons debut that was awesome? Right. All of that. Still. I've got lots to Marcus mariota coming up next hour. Tom have in the third hour podcast Wednesday. Your telephone calls and West Virginia quarterback will Greer next segment? There is no better place to watch football. Then a Buffalo Wild Wings. So if you love football, and you love yelling at TV screens with friends and wearing clothing with somebody else's name on it. Then there is a seat waiting for you at Buffalo Wild Wings. You do not want to miss a single game this season on their wall to wall. Tvs come in for the football food come in for the football beverages..

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