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You all have each changed Bourbon. In your own way and I'll never forget you know reading You. Know seeing you know Blake's like poor man's pappy and just sitting him Kinda you know tackle. Tackle everything you know Kenny. The first time you all interviewed me, asked me what the Hell Marzipan was Nick Y'all just thorough excellent reviews. and. You Know Brian How many bourbons we've had over some things but just. It's been such a joy for me to see it because I was. I was the new. You know I was the new guy coming in and there was. Maybe five to ten whiskey writers. In the world who are trying to do it full time when I was coming in, there was not a lot. And they were mostly Scotch. Rain and so I looked up to like you know Chowdhry. In a historic in also Mike Beach. In on I looked up to those guys, and I tried to follow in their footsteps with summer like the historical stuff while also trying to train my palate in do do tastings. but There's inevitably some regrets and things you should done differently and things you'd have done more. I wish I'd spent more time with Parker beam and Parker with someone I actually did spend a good deal amount of time with to include his time when he was suffering from Al Ask, but. He was just someone. I really clicked within I. I miss him and I. also never had the chance to spend any time with elmer elmer, T lee. but you know so I think those would be the two things that I would. I would take back our could, but I'll say I'm more encouraged by the talent. Coming into this world I know that there is There's there's IT. Everybody can go out there and do their tasting notes, but. I see a lot of talent here. In makes me very excited about the future of our Bourbon community. A new under be some heartstrings and be pulled on this one. I. Kind of a round out here, you know I am thankful that we've I've at least been able to get in this early. Enough that we've been able to interview. People like Jimmy Russell and be able to capture some of the stories that you know. A lot of these old timers are around, and you might not be there much longer Hopefully we have more years to capture more stories, but you know it's just one of those things that I wish we'd have gotten a little bit sooner to be able to. You know again. Capture some more stories of the people that have. Gone ahead of us, and for me personally I I wish I would have found a Sherpa of Bourbon a lot sooner I I think I was drinking the same exact bourbon for like six years straight and between like Kentucky Tavern. Barton, and Foro small batch like I didn't really vary out of those three for like six to eight years, and there is like this whole window of stuff that like I completely missed, and it's because I just didn't have anybody to kind of a I was the only one who was really into Bourbon, but I didn't really have a network of people or anything like that and I always find it interesting when we're able to go on, you know the Bourbon or former any of the facebook groups and people were all I K- I just started getting into bourbon like three months ago. House my collection and it's like two hundred bottles I'm just like holy smokes. How do people just like latch onto something and go like so far in that they find like all the facebook groups in just like go go deep so I I wish I would have been able to do that along time ago, but again glad that I'm here now and be able to be a part of this with all you, too. All right, so let's go ahead and get if you you know sad tissues out of the way here whole tears in will kind of close this out because you know like I said. This is a fantastic show. We kind of you know really light on kind of a lot of news and things you know really. It's been a lot of stuff as Cova. Cova starting to kind of release and everything like that so I think we're GONNA. See a lot of things. Start happening with the Kentucky. Bourbon trail starting to reopen and stuff like that, so we're hopefully going to see a lot of things that are going to change your in the next few weeks in regards of Bourbon so looking forward to to seeing that. One last shoutout that as you as you. Kinda know that tonight. We were raising funds for the in AA CPI. Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Please go to in AA CPI. LSF DOT ORG and put in your donation, and we will match everything up to you. Know Skirt when I'M GONNA match British donate a thousand dollars so easy. Enough ahead call that Don. But. Let's go ahead and all I'll pass it over to blake in. Let you close it out for us here or start the start the closing process man. You're putting all the pressure. Off The road coaster I'm GONNA. Give you the I. Always get to be on, you know. We're talking about at the beginning of the show notes. It's a tough time to come on and talk about Bourbon with everything's going on. You know you want support these communities and these organizations and some we could do a little bit of that because I mean in all honesty, we we can't relate so we want to do our best part to support them in a you know. Bring more diversity into Bourbon so Thank you all for watching Blake from Bergener, seal box, and Yeah, that's CAL ripken Streak stays alive, so thanks for having me. As always nick. Sharia thanks guys always. Pleasure to be on channel with everybody in in watching a lot of great comments throughout the whole show here. So appreciate as well, but I am nick. Three is behind breaking Bourbon Breaking Bourbon Dot Com in all the socials at break. In Bourbon so again, thanks guys. To break in without an without a g just like. Took after. Out The. Car I never spelled either is not be R. A. K.. I enjoy not stopping. Bourbon, we're we're. We're breaking it, so thank breaking bad breaking Bourbon. We actually have a plan that with one of the t shirts. It's my favourite Yup. Yeah get a lot of comments on that one when I. When I wear, people definitely relate to break. Nick when you guys first came out because I come from the news background, I thought you were like try like be like breaking news and then when I saw your t shirt has. Oh! It's a breaking bad. A, it wasn't even that like that was just coincidental, honestly we were trying to come up with, so we have this Chaco, and so I think it started when when smartphones became a thing, and it's a hangouts chat, and we get the Bourbon. Bros., we call the I. It was going to be the Bourbon Brodeur. GonNa do some website name with the Bourbon, Bros. so. There are wives. No, don't do that. And my wife started raining aloft ideas, and then she was like how about breaking Bourbon so in shield to this day she will definitely reminder. Credit the name you know what I say. The name as a big deal. You know what I never. We've never regretted. The name we've definitely are glad that came up and actually came up pretty quickly. It was like the third idea she had when she heard what we were thinking, said no, no, no, no, you're not doing that. So thank goodness that saying something that you'd never regretted your name. Because I regret Berber all the time and. How did you come up with that? The random Tuesday in two thousand twelve and I don't. Look at it. Now, you got copycats. Dollars. Bride all right? Thanks again for having me guys that always enjoy it. Brian was sipping corn. You can find me on the socials. All sipping corn and SIP Corn Dot Com and justice, dot, com, and appreciate everything that you guys are leading the charge on tonight or being part of and glad to be part of it. Absolutely makes you follow Bourbon pursued on all the social handles as well plus tiktok in you to everybody from our Patriot community that's been a supporter and his watching this as well on on chat, always good to have everybody here that actually helps grow our podcast and make it better and keep it sustainable, so thank you again for for doing that and Fred I will let you go ahead and close it out, man. well, you know everybody, appreciate you coming on. you know this is This is this is a difficult time right now for our country and it's. It's important that we we do not forget that the entire intent of bourbon is for us all. Raise a glass. Already glass when I got to add a little bit to my glass. That's what I'm doing, too. Low here. It's. Too It's a raise, a glass and toast in appreciate one. Another Bourbon is about being about being social, and this should not in way shape or.

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