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Yeah you know the one here dr what you want you can skip three days and at five if you want them but no he said wondering a day so now the apparently that's too much i drink is defined as twelve ounces of beer wine or one point five ounces of eighty proof spirits fill a shot and half yeah andrew interesting seventy percent of americans don't realize alcohol's a major risk factor for cancer really i didn't realize that an international team of researchers are it'd be bombing everybody out is a friday people going on my way to happy hour dude yeah anyway they looked at data from six hundred thousand people in nineteen countries who are asked about drinking habits dating back to nineteen sixty four and they were followed for years afterwards people reported drinking more had higher rates of stroke heart disease deadly high blood pressure and fatal a order can aneurysms other than that though the paper estimates a forty year old drinking four units a day above the guidelines has roughly two years lower life expectancy well here's the good news about that it's at the end yeah right illicit two years at the end you know anything up to that and then they're crappy years anyway that works out to about an hour per day so it's just they're saying basically you'll lose an hour day hopefully be an hour when you're sleeping kinda like it's daylight savings time but on your life what are you saying saving per card to get on a boat anyway she's giving me crapper saying savings time instead of saving because that's the one thing she knows in the world jams it down our throats things but you get that wrong all the time so i do anyway many people can apparently can drink far more than a single day and not nothing can happen to them this is most people can get away with and.

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