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Look back on this podcast. What would i have done. I don't know if i'm proud of it but it felt good to get it out there right so that's it have a great weekend. You can't enjoy the music and they'll be a bonus episode of meat bitching about something from a couple of years ago it's probably the nba. All right i'll see own Hey what's going on. its bill burr. And it's the monday morning podcasts. For monday august fifth two thousand and thirteen. How're you how you doing this morning. All that's just fantastic. This is going to be another. Subdued william burr. Here on the monday morning. Podcast as you can tell. I wasn't able to find a fucking code for my mixer. So the lovely nia is going to send me mind so next. This'll be the last week of this kind of stuff. So i've had difficulty trying to find basically everything here in new orleans for those who just listening having listened for the past couple of weeks here in new orleans doing the. What do you call it. The final episode of glee for this season. It's like some three hour extravaganza. So i have to be here forever. And like i mentioned. I am going to be shirtless in the cafeteria scene. So i've been trying to trying to get healthy food out here which is practically impossible. I haven't been able to find it. If there's any new orleans people i guess they don't say knowledge by the way i was told that the other night that they don't say that that's just some hollywood shit and then I taught that person how to properly say boston. B w boston not boston so we both had a laugh and then we ate some fried fucking oysters. Because everything's fried down here. you know. I go into verizon. I need a new cell phone chats. You know. they didn't have the entire thing they had the part. You plug into your fucking computer so unless i was gonna walk around with my computer and then bring that plug plug that in and then plus the fuck and cellphone into my computer. That was the only way for me to charge it. When i was on the road sitting there going on becoming a tub of shit here and i have my shirtless seeing you know. I'm sitting in Eight six seven five three. Oh nine jenny but the jazz it up a little bit but anyway so i find someplace to get juice and even then the way they do the juice you know usually you use. The apple used the fruit to give it a little zing. C can drink the fuck and green shit but they do it the opposite down here. It's apple juice. And then they'll add like half lifa kale in there. And i just kind of hard yourself up on sugar so I i do have a game plan people. After your wonderful suggestions we bill. Why don't you watch that documentary fat sick and nearly dead at. I'm like. I've already watched those. You know food inc. And i watched. Try log gert. Twos fucking morgan. Spurlock at gertrude. Famous percussionist from india I fuck in. That's how you say his name go. Just get to the point right. The fuck was my point. Oh mortgage spurlock that his name. I watched that ate mcdonalds thirty fucking days in a row and i mean you know what's great about that you knew you know. His body was going to be junked but secretly. Haven't you always wanted to do that. Just say fuck it. Just blow your body out. You know just how much weight you actually could gain if you really put your mind to it. You know this is what i do. I would start with a grand slam breakfast. And then i have to take a nap. 'cause old when you get older by the way when you eat really bad you know rather than just running outside like you do a youngster. It takes a toll on your. He actually have to go lay down. Try to sleep yourself back into some sort of balanced but probably start with that lunchtime. What would i do steak and cheese. You know what it is that kind of food so fucks me up now. I can't even enjoy it anymore. That's what happens as you get older. It's like you fucking guts alike some engine that your entire life. You would like to court so oil lot and it just doesn't run as well as it used to back. When you were younger you could do fucking neutral drops and fucking be driving forty miles an hour inches yankee emergency brake cut the wheel and almost tip over your fucking volkswagen fox like my buddy did back in the day. You can't do that anymore as you get older. You know so if you are older and every time you eat you then have to. Immediately fall asleep you down a few courts stanford wanna put a synthetic in there so anyway. So i've been you know days. I'm not working. I've been kind of bored. I know a lot of you guys already know what i'm working on here in. Lahti guys always go bill. Why do you try to keep it such a big fucking secret. What you're doing you can just go to your imdb page and figure out what you're doing. Well do you ever think that maybe that that's the fucking method to my madness. See if i just told you what. I'm doing down here in new orleans you'd be humble brag you'd give me shit you know easy kid..

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