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Sweeney in the bus that's the the joke where we ought to do that bit thirty done that's our our prank phone call we could do a better the man i would just yet i know but we should just do it all every day once a day with you we call one of their refrigerator and generators runako has very very good seafood this view will will nobody would get anymore it would say you have prince albert in the can because there used to be a tobacco with prince albert on on the it was in a camera was on the guy but nobody get that joke anymore now yet they shape kensit what you'd better let him out i don't understand that while maybe that's the one we should do what do you mean the yup prince albert of the can i do know what uh just be no oh okay okay well one i will cost all right on time for round two of your boehner voting three news stories that are examples of bad stupid are funny human behavior you will decide with your vote who of these three is the worst which one of these three deserves to go to boehner fight and possibly become boehner of the day it'll go up against the winner of round one boehner fight happens at nine twenty two candidates now than a third candidate after the big boy news when she fertile three you vote you random boehner voters will receive a hearty handshake from bill i've seen in past them out to asked me are you a hub to shake his it out yeah i'll what's the is there a standard zero i'll be his hearty as you want me to be d do the handshake but then you bring the other hand on a some time that's why i feel the deal sometimes that seems hearty sometimes our here's boehner candidate number one.

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