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You wrote the sites editor in chief matthew cutting nettie and chairman michael goldfarb goldfarb was when i was going back and forth win president trump has denied the claims made in the dossier it's now commonly agreed that after many months of costly looking trump tweeted the on friday morning that there was no collusion between russia and trump was collusion with hillary clinton so they wrote that it this is the washington free beacon they got some big big backers of money and it's a trump i mean obscured me a republican donor and i think that the his guy was people with speculators jagland it was actually marco rubio his guy was marco rubio and once it looked like trump was going to get the nomination then they stop funding fusion gps and that's when they handed it off the hillary now my question here and this is you may be think this is just a mandates what did they handed all the g of fusion gps go shopping force for another benefactor and i think that's an important distinction because if the washington free beacon still did not want trump they were never trumpers did they go to the hillary clinton campaign said look we've started this thing we've got a bunch of dirt but we no longer have a a dog in this fight sorry sorry peter but if you want to take this over you can pick up where we left off if that's the case then you have the washington free beacon in collusion with the hillary clinton campaign to defeat trump and i think that is a major distinction there needs to be made 'cause you need to know where these folks in the media coming from now some of them have been quite out front about it like the weekly standard they were not crazy about trump and we still have them on because i the i don't mind you having an opinion about something and voice in your opinion then the white the weekly standard has been very vocal although they've come around now they they've sort of warmed up the trump as a lotta people have but they were very very vocal during the campaign we had a mongering the campaign talk by the national review is the.

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