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Her in the Hashtag now trending Abdul always have pride in your pocket. Everybody we're back from break and today we have a very special guests on the phone that I'm super excited to talk to you. It's Nikki Boyer from the dying for sex podcast. Ross Matthew Straight Talk podcast. And you've seen her. She's an actress podcast or all over the place. She is here talking with us today. Hey Naghi come on with us. Thanks for having me. Oh my Gosh I just did the high when you hear rosty that so often you kind of feel it on accident like I don't mean to steal it from him but it just comes out of my mouth so I first became familiar with you through the Ross. Mathews podcast because I've listened to straight talk before it was even straight talk when he was with Josh off. That's when I started listening. Oh Jeez and and when you join the Catholic permanently on there from the beginning it was such a joy but that shows just taking off like knowing other knowing other. Fans other straight talkers. It's definitely a community especially the best is no matter where we go. Robin. I and we go to different of your guises live events for straight talk. It's we always see the same people always the same straight talk love as a family. I love that so everybody that knows. I'm not religious about podcast. I listen to a Shitload of I always have and Shit Mode. And so you have a podcast. That came out not too long ago. Dying for sex and right off the BAT. I gotTA Say I've listened to a lot in. This is one of the best ones I've listened to in a really long time. I'm Nikki Boyer. And when my best friend molly was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. She decided to do something bold. She left her husband of fifteen years and embarked on a series of sexual escapades. Like I literally wanted to Hump. Everything and everyone that I saw. I was horny all the time. We thought her stories were so interesting. We decided to put them on tape. Filly-like go inside his house. And then he's like trying to get me to tickle him and I'm like okay and then I realize I'm being backed into a tickle fetish. No one I love that you listen. Thank you for taking the time and my really diving into this story. I appreciate that and for people who don't know dying for sex. Let let people know kind of what the podcast is about. Okay Yeah so. It's a six episode series And it's It's a little mini series about my friend molly who was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and when that happened she decided to sort of take her life or you know kind of in her own control and she did something really bold and she left her marriage and she left her home and she decided to go on a sexual journey to try to feel alive right and she thought that she felt that really sex for her was the antithesis to dying so she went on hundreds of dates and met men and some women and did her thing and just sort of sexually exploited and kind of healed some old wounds and really figured out who she is in the world and then in that process Got Really Clear about what she wanted to leave behind and how she wanted to sort of Enter journey on this earth and you get to hear it for sort of without spoiling it right but you get to hear her journey from beginning to end so yes it is called dying for sex and it is about love and friendship and it's really fun and then you know and it takes US beautiful turn into this really deep place where she gets really honest with herself and I think I think her she's just so open. And and loving and honest and messy right like all of it. It's all of it and I think resonates with different people for different reasons. So I hope you take a listen especially during the corn Cam. What else to do when I first heard about the podcast and registration I remember. He's talking about on straight talk maybe a year or so before it actually fission and I was like I don't know if I'm GonNa like like it or not and then once it came out and I was like I'm going to buckle down and listen to it because of the cancer stuff and have gone through my own cancer journey. I was like I don't know if I WANNA revisit. The how about cancer right. Yeah go for somebody who like me? Who had cats and went through went through their own thing with it. This is just. It's so fascinating to me here to hear Molly Story and her take on it. Her take on her personal journey with cancer and how she went through. Because I think anybody who has gone through. That has their own way of getting through it right. I would love to ask you a question about that. Actually because I'm getting messages from people who have their own journey with cancer and I actually thought it might be a little it. I may be off putting or like you said too much. I don't WanNa go there so for you. Like having gone through cancer which I didn't even know without by the way I'm so sorry you dealt with that. I was lucky I got super lucky with it and very fortunate the way it turned out. But it's no joke. It really is no joke. It's no when you see when you hear that word. I mean you just never know what it holds for you right like you just don't know so. I'm sorry went through that but but I'm curious What was it that kind of kept you from wanting to listen and what once you got in. What did you like about it I you know I like this guy.

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