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He would have been a good armed plug in He's not having a good year the plug he knows the room. The problem is the dodgers have got too many pitchers who just go. Four or five innings. I mean tony goslin david price. There's like four or five inning guys. Then you're burnin through bullpen. I'm not against adding depth to the bullpen. I don't i just don't i don't believe the kenley jansen is going to be removed from the closer role nor judy. Last night should have been. It should have been as twenty. I don't see you understand the pit in the stomach. Dodger fans when he comes in from the bullpen. We've all seen this movie and we know how it ends. He either has it. Doesn't you don't need to leave him out there to give up call or walks. What about all the other hits he gave up. He gave he got the out and they didn't county Mace did someone else. Give up those seven. Rents seven hits and four walks. He should have been out a load of joining. I want to win. would i showed okuda. You just complain about the two calls. You're can't do anything once. They make our ally buying for kenley jansen by acknowledging that the game should have been offers. How i would've picked training second of all wince. Jansen started to struggle once. And i don't disagree with you that they get screwed on both calls. You're right. the guy was out at second base. The guy went rough went around. I mean only moron would say. Oh what point do you pull the mini the mini that two guys on base strikes. I know struck cord dickerson. Double the centerfield louder right. He's gone to to bring bird came in through one pitch and ended the inning. You're gonna throw phil bickford. Ills maybe the words secondly the long hair. Let's go meet. He did what he needed to force a ground ball short then he struck out there and rough what else guy news give up the seven run seven hits and four walks in companies based in four. I would argue that. those are imaginary unearned runs. Imaginary unearned runs. Wait a minute you were watching this game. What do you think i was with john. Everything john says is exactly what i was thinking. Shot by tax. Read my text from last night you know read tax. From last night i was so blasted he was so out of it but the time that game ended jorges that meeting the full gravity of visiting here until you look up this morning. You wanna know the truth. The truth of it is so the games on last night and i was hammered. I was absolutely blitzed. And i'm asleep right. I'm asleep and the games on and one rolls over. Looks at me and says yata wake up for this. And so i woke up for the kenley jansen. Any i don't think that was very nice. Assist from one last night actually gonna live with up seeing that helps you in life. Frustrating in ingvar all time. So listen we know you guys want to react to this get on the phones. Eight seven seven seven ten espn. Obviously i'm tending to overreact. Mason is all is well remained calm. Well wait a minute. Someone say. I'm taking the controversial position. Well you're the wrong position versa. Because everybody else never should have been in the game. Macy he never. I drives me the guy. The guy knee eighty seven guys guy should get credited for to save like the ground million dollars strikeouts. Seven pitches does not tire you out. We didn't need kenley jansen last night right so there you have it. Eight seven seven seven ten. Espn we'll get some of your phone calls in here coming up nacer and ireland seven ten. Espn love judy gold. That story is completely une. Yeah that was an ally of the day it plays in hot rotation now here on the show to one of the best comic series all right so unleash slid dogs. Everybody's after kelly. I'm just looking at the bank of phone calls. I'm like i think i'm gonna die on this ila launch on. not necessarily. i don't i don't want to get rid of kenley jansen. I think he's he's valuable. I just last night. It was very easy very easy not to use them when blake trial was going in the eighth inning. Here is mike in fountain valley to lead things off. Hey mike you're on seven ten. Espn john this. Actually eric valley. I'm sorry i'm who. I've been called worse. I trust basketball. Okay so little little background here. Mace eric is our listeners listener. Show for years who beat cancer. He had a very. That's right he had a very bad case and eric. How how long have you been cancer. free now. me twenty two thousand nineteen. Today's actually two years. Since my last chemo session awesome kenley. Here's what kenley here's the thing we're talking about the check swing with kenley. Yeah i love the dodgers but that to pitch that was a good distance outside it was called strike one. If that's properly called three and we never get to the check swing point right. They miss the umpires. The umpires did not have a good night eric. The ground ball shortstop. Oh yeah eric what would what do you agree with me that you can't change the call on the field on a play that close. Well chris. taylor's charge that Look i loved. The dodgers and major league baseball has joe west. I thought he was safe. I hate to say it. But here's the one thing dear. Abby always asked this question when somebody would say hey my waist are you better off with him or without him and they think the dodgers are better off. Because let's go back seven nine months ago game. Six of the world series. Come in the ninth inning. Who is the seventh eighth inning. I hate speaking for people. I know every single out those like no. No no please please please. No please no. Yeah as of saturday eric. He'd convergent twenty one of twenty three save opportunities okay. I'm glad you mentioned that mason. Go back and look at all. The bottom feeders. Did that to pittsburgh's the arizona and could only you gotta you gotta play against whoever they're playing eric. I'll just. I'll just leave it. Is this if the games on the line dodger fans do you want him in. And by the way yes. They're all rooster growl. Let me let me tell you about i ray. By the way you're thinking we're glad you're god you're healthy down on the farm takes. A browser grand role is down on the farm. The couple of times. he's pitched for them they. He's been awful so he's not really an option at all. Here's tony and torrent tony. You're on seven ten. Espn what do you think. Oh tony drop. Let's go to john in palm desert. Hey john guys first time longtime you've gotta take off the glasses off the janssen glasses brother please in the dodgers man so i what would you have done last night once. All those things happened..

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