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The early 2000s ice i fake i haven't checked but i i'm pretty sure you can still play that game and mlb dot com and i'm positive that in the history of this game of going back to the early 2000s now she seven teen no one's ever successfully done it it's not it's never been done people have come really close i think there was a strike a few years ago where a guy i was either into a late forties or the early 50s any loss but no one is actually been able to do fifty six sen it's you know the ira plane that game every day getting excited guinea excited when i got a streak tillich thirteen or fourteen and you realize you think you've done a good job and then you're you still have to successfully do it for another month and a half in order to get to where demographia was and i bring this up because you july sixteen th 1941 that's the date dimaggio gets the 56 hit man an in in finally puts the punctuation marker the exclamation point i should say on on on a on a fee in baseball that will probably never be duplicated a streak that for him started on may fifteen th and ended on july seventeen th th the next day he went out in the indians third baseman ken kelner made like i've never seen the video of it but from all from eyewitness accounts made to ridiculous place at third base to rob dimaggio hits if he doesn't make those plays the mogae oh streak gets to fifty seven in then he hit in sixteen consecutive games after that so you know if not for exceptional defensive play historique really could have gone all the way to 73 it would have been all the more impressive uh it's already a a streak that he'll pete rose scott to forty four and seventy eight in that was you know an incredible achievement that's a little bit before my time i i wasn't around for that rose run of the closest i.

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