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Off of this Trump proclaims that on his social media platform and is he getting support from many Republicans including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy who calls it a dark day for the United States of America correspondent Scott McFarland former president making this announcement himself has done what he did in August which is control the opening chapter of the narrative he's characterized what this case is about it may not line up with what the Department of Justice or the special counsel is going to say this case is about CBS News special report I'm Tom foodie and what do federal prosecutors plan to do moving forward we talked about with that Washington Post national investigative reporter Carol Lening a bit earlier it will be easy for the government to establish that he illegally retained classified records you know basically the government found them and now more challenging but sounds like they have a lot of evidence will be to prove to a jury that he obstructed and interfered with a criminal investigation to get those records back former president Trump says he's due in court Tuesday afternoon in Miami complete coverage right here on WTOP you're breaking news traffic and weather station sports at 25 and 55 powered by Maximus moving technology forward now to Rob Woodfork all right Dimitri game three of the Stanley Cup final in the second period Vegas taking a 2 -1 lead in Florida on a power play goal by who else Jonathan Marchessault his 13th of the postseason Matthew Kuchuk left this game in the first period after a big hit he has not returned the Wizards trio

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